Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on a Friday

OK, here's 5 things I'm thankful for this week!

1. Swan Hummus - latest (6 month?) addiction. So. Good.

2. A dry week - I guess someone out there will have wanted rain, but I was thankful that we've had some fine although cold weather.  hahaha you know I'm struggling when the weather is at number 2!

3. Good Health - my own that is - with several staff members off work over the past 2 weeks with a variety of illnesses I'm glad I'm well.

4. PT - love my personal trainer; most of the time, except when I'm attempting chin ups.  But I am learning to be less scared of them.  He challenges & pushes me every week & I'm fitter & stronger than I've ever been in my entire life!

5. PB - ha - you could say plumbing boy, but I was actually going for personal best!  I've hit a few of those in running over the past couple of weeks.   I'm signed up for the 10km Run Melbourne in the 55 - 60 minute bracket.  I've run the distance the last 2 Saturdays at 57 & 51.47 minutes respectively.  I suspect I haven't been pushing hard enough before.  I think I have a newly revised time of 50 minutes.  Still have 3&1/2 weeks of training left, so could do it provided I don't hurt myself before then!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Ute said...

Omg yes! I love that dip, too!
I have tried a lot of different brands, but Swan's can't be beaten.

I use it instead of a sandwich spread. Yummeh!

AlleyCat said...

lol it's bloody good isn't it! I use it as dressing on my salad too!!!

Memphis Steve said...

You are getting faster and faster all the time! I'm very impressed.

Emile Buttocks said...

OK, I stole this idea. I just didn't know what else to blog about and it seemed like a good idea. :-)

Slyde said...

lol... i could use a raincoat here, too... rained most of the week. boo!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve!

No Probs Emile - I stole it myself!

Hey Slyde! damn rain hey!!