Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 7

Day 7: 

Supposed to be a 5am revaly but I was up, dressed & packed by 4.30am.  I wasn’t wearing a watch & had turned off my phone as no service since Monday!  Plumbing Boy & the porters were awake & I’d heard the hot water pot go on, so decided it must have been time to get up. It had stopped raining thankfully.  K’s cold had come back & was feeling worse for wear with a horrid cough & nose blowing required.  Dad was still suffering gurgly guts & wasn’t feeling great.

More of the same trekking as yesterday til morning tea around 11am where we’d clambered up a cool steep hill & then onto Guadagasal for lunch @ around 2.30pm.  

Guadagasal was a well kept village of maybe 10 huts, the lawn looked manicured although they did not have a lawn mower!  The sun was out so we tried to dry off what we could before moving on.

Back down the mount to the river which we crossed 6 or 7 times to reach Mubo.  Lots of fun, but very wet boots!   

On the way to the river I saw 2 big pigs in the bush before the river.  I’d gone on ahead with some of the porters while the others were filling their water containers @ a water point.  The boy’s I was with had the hot water pot & the pigs apparently thought we’d come with scraps (the pigs belonged to the village).  They called out to the piggies “I am not your mother!!! I am not your father!!! I have no food for you!!!!” followed by much laughter & a few stones thrown to shoo them away from us!  One was a big boy & I was only slightly worried he was going to chase us!  I was in good hands however!

Mubo was the largest village we’d seen & we set up camp in the grade 5 room. English is taught as well as the native language in schools across PNG.

We all slept together on the floor of the classroom, again early dinner, by now & last night included no-one (except PB & I!) could be bothered getting “matching” ration packs.  Reg & Dave reckoned they all tasted the same & to just grab whatever.  We were now mixing roast lamb & veg, with Chicken a la King, with Chicken Tikka Marsala, with Teriyaki Beef.  I can tell you, it only took 1 Teriyaki beef to make the lot taste like Teriyaki!!!

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