Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 5

Day 5:

It had been raining on & off all night & by morning I was dreading getting up fearing Dad was going to be too worse for wear to go on, & that K may have decided it was all too hard as the conditions were now worse (raining) & they would want to go back.

I reluctantly climbed out of my toasty warm sleeping bag, donned yesterday’s clothes & packed up my gear & sorted my breaky stuff to take to the fire.  I was actually first up & the kettle hadn't yet boiled.  

Fortunately the rain wasn't as bad as it sounded on the tent, it was more cloud mist dripping onto the tent.  Breaky done, tents down & time to start hiking at 7am.  

Thankfully Dad & K were in OK spirits & ready to proceed.  Today’s walk was through the rain forest on a narrow goat track.  A little up & down & along the side of the mountain so in some places quite precarious!!!  

The rain cleared & we continued on goat tracks all day clambering over logs, trying not to trip on tree roots, climbing over the face of landslides using the trees that had fallen with bamboo pieces x 3 across in maybe 3 x sections, sometimes with a rope, sometimes without.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

We made it to Skindiwai around 3pm & Reg suggested Dad escort K & I to the wash wash once we had the OK from the locals to use their guest house. Wash Wash is the local wording for having a shower/wash/bath!

wasn't actually very keen on going for a wash, but I guess Reg figured both K & Dad would probably feel better for it.  Up the hill we hiked, then down a slope to the wash wash which was a natural water outlet on the side of a hill, encouraged by a bamboo chute making it easier to shower under.  

Chilly, but cleaner we returned to the guest house which was a large hut on stilts.  We all slept together in the open area except for PB who attempted to minimize his disrupting snoring by plonking on the other side of a wall to the rest of us in a bit of a corridor.  I’m pretty sure we all had a crack at snoring, Dad almost recovered from his cold had a quiet snore that at times I wasn’t sure if it was a snore or a snuffle!  K had a blocked snoz snore going on too.  As for myself, no idea!  The porters all slept under their big blue tarp.

We managed to gather together similar meals – tonight we opted for beef, although the 1 x teriyaki beef kind of overpowered all the other flavours.  Another nip of Reg’s OP in our milo/coffee/tea & in bed again by around 7.30- 8pm.  K had brought along her ipad & ereader on the trek & read for a bit each night before bed.  As I’m used to going early & considering the physicality of our day & the previous night’s crappy sleep, I was able to drop off to sleep pretty much straight away.


Chris H said...

Your idea of fun and mine are miles apart!
Though the track you walked looked dry at least.

Memphis Steve said...

Wow, I can't get over the fact that you're doing this! I think my feet would be so bloody after the first day of all-day hiking that I wouldn't be able to go far on the 2nd day. And each day I'd probably get worse.

AlleyCat said...

LOL @ Chris - wasn't dry for long!!!!!

Thanks Steve!! Thats why you have to wear your boots in first so you don't have bloody tootsies!!!!