Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 11

DAY 11

Our early morning transport was a 40ft speed boat!  Very nice.  

Departure was scheduled for 6.30am which of course meant 7am by the time we cast off.  1 hour later & we were back in Lae & met by the blue mini van to transit us back to our hotel.  A final farewell to our porters with a group photo & a bit of an award ceremony to them.  

Originally we’d decided to leave everything with Kerry to distribute to the boys fairly  however Kerry had not proven himself to be as honorable as we’d originally thought, spending the other boys dinner money on Saturday night on 2 cases of beer & taking off to his brother in laws with it, not even sharing with the boys among other things.

Plumbing Boy gave a bit of a thank you speech while I handed out our gifts.  Dave had already given his boots to Ray who was wearing them & Ray had handed his old boots on to one of the other boys!  

The rest went as follows: 

#A pair of socks for every man who wanted a pair with at least one pair of my thick purple socks for Ray.  

#PB's shirt also went to Ray.  

#Dad left his day pack & stainless steel bowl & cutlery to John (remedying my quandary of how to thank him!).  

#We left our mugs & headlamps (K’s to Paul 1), Dad’s to Roger (who ended up carrying his bag the most), mine to Shadow (PB’s choice) & PB's to Sowi (I think!).  

#I also decided to leave behind my trekking shirt which was from the fun run I’d done in Warrnambool in January.  Unsure if any of the boy’s would actually want a girls shirt, I didn't leave it to anyone in particular, just if anyone wanted it, & if not, to give it to someone in their village who needed a shirt.  PB impressed upon them the importance of the shirt being that it was from the hometown of Dad & myself which was why we wanted to leave it.  One of the guys grabbed it put it on straight away.  I was so surprised that I cannot tell you who it was (Sowi according to PB!). 
 Back to the hotel for a lazy day of chilling out by the pool swimming, eating & having a few well earned bevvies.  We met 2 x newbies who were off in 2 days with Reg to trek the shaggy ridge.  They weren't that new though, having done (& met at) Kokoda last year with our tour company & we dinner with them that night at the hotel before a day of sight seeing around Lae to follow the next day.


Memphis Steve said...

I think it's really nice that you gave those things to them. And I guess I'm not surprised that you found you couldn't trust the leader to fairly distribute the gifts for you. Its seems to be a consistent problem among many third world cultures that honesty and fairness are completely foreign. Some people have argued that part of what made the successful first world nations was their commitment to rule of law and fairness, and when that commitment erodes, like it is in America right now, the nation declines rapidly.

Yes, I realize my comment wasn't entirely connected to what you were saying. My brain is off doing funny things today and I can't seem to bring it around for some reason. Maybe I should write a blog post while my brain seems to intent on a subject or three.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Steve, I hear you; completely. I wonder how much western society has to answer for in disrupting(?) that honesty & fairness.......

Hope your brain has survived doing funny things!!!