Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 10

Dozed on & off til 8.30am when Plumbing Boy came in to tell me he’d been offered the last crewman spot on our hosts boat to go game fishing.  None of the others were interested so he jumped at the chance apparently telling everyone he had to go & ask his wife first!

Our hosts had generously offered us the use of her washing machine……………4 loads later, K & I decided to wash out our thongs in the sea, plus PB's muddy camel-back & go for a swim.  The water was lovely & warm, Dad decided to join us.  The sand was a dark brown/black & pebbly & a little rocky underfoot, but once in a deep gutter within 1 metre of the shore made for a good break with waves that would dump you if you came to close to shore!  Remaining just prior to the break allowed you to pleasantly bob about with the rise & fall of the ocean.

A quick shower revealed at least a cup of coarse sand & pebbles in my bikini top that I didn't even feel was there!!!  Dad said the same thing happened to him (except his was in his zogs!) – made an awful clatter on the shower floor!!!  

Spent the rest of the morning chilling out on the balcony catching up on this journal listening to the waves.After PB returned & a late lunch – we raided our ration packs & ate more 2 minute noodles & tuna - Reg took those of us who wanted to for a bit of a walk to the end of the point & up a bit of a mountain to see another war relic (big fixed gun).  

Dad stayed put as he had developed a few blisters on the last day of hiking & a couple of them had managed to suck in some sand, so I had to remove the flaps of skin & remove the sand so they didn't get infected.  Doused them with antiseptic & installed blister pads on them & then taped them right up as he knew he’d have to wear boots over the next few days & we needed to keep his feet clean & dry.  K was not up for any more walking (ever!) by this point!  LOL

As we were departing for our walk, we found the local women had again set up their wares, so did our gift shopping so they could pack up & go home.  It was very hot & humid & I recon I sweated more on that brief walk than I did the whole previous 6 days hiking.  hadn't thought to bring Barry with me either & felt clumsy & naked going up & down the hill.  It was surreal to believe we'd actually finished hiking although our journey was not yet complete!

Our hosts had gone on to a mother’s day function with their fishing club for the afternoon, but on returning, they shared the tuna they had caught in the form of sashimi!!  Yum!!!  This was followed by a lovely home made lasagna for dinner accompanied by salad & wine & once again we had an early night due to an early start tomorrow so hosts could be back in Lae for work 8.30am. 

Oh, & yes, our hosts not only had hot & cold running water with 3 showers, they also had 3 western toilets!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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