Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 2

Day 2 

We arrived at the Brisvegas airport & to counter 1 to check in for our flight to Port Moresby @ 7am to find the PNG Rugby team queued up ahead of us.  They were very big & very black & for the first time I started to feel a little trepidation about going to a country who’s inhabitants may not be appreciative of our visit.  I think everyone I’d spoken to about the trip in the past 2 weeks had a horror story about someone being murdered.  I've been to Bali, the Philippines & Thailand & the people were smaller in stature & lighter skinned & I did think & feel a little worried about being a white minority.  I guess I hadn't taken into consideration that not all PNG nationals were going to look like their national rugby team were they!  Rugby players in general are big & burly & just a little bit scary aren't they?

We caught up with our David, the owner of the tour company we used who was tagging along with us while queuing &; had a bit of a chat.  He let us know that G, our random 5th trekker was on our flight but he’d yet to see him.  Dad & I were checking out the other passengers & every now & again muttered to each other “maybe” (trying to see if we could figure our who G was).  

1.5 hours later we were checked in finally then found some breakfast, then almost time to board.  I picked up my new camera I’d pre-ordered from the duty free shop & was keen to test it out, but it needed charging first of course.  

Again the flight was uneventful, old plane, old film on a shared TV.  I was quite getting into Steel Magnolia’s until the static on the screen made it unbearable to continue watching.  We were most amused to find a 2 page spread on Dave in the in-flight magazine advertising his company & his work on Kokoda!!

Met up with Dave & G (a fellow Victorian from the north of the state & around the same ages as us) at the Port Moresby airport & walked the short distance together to the domestic terminal.  The 5 hour wait for the flight to Nazdab Lae was passed chatting & getting to know each other & lots of bad bad jokes including exerts from Dave’s Chap Magazine.  I was laughing so hard at one point I was crying.  This was a good sign.

Again flight uneventful but with spectacular scenery over the mountains!

Reg met us at the airport (looking very at home sporting a local Billum) with our driver Kevin & delivered us to our hotel.  A quick pow wow, bag drop, then dinner.  The steak was a tough as old boots & I wished I’d ordered the chicken Caesar salad like Reg.  

Our room had a dripping tap & a spasmodically running toilet; Dad & PB's room had a blocked toilet.  After attempting to use the bin as a bucket, they conceded defeat & asked reception for a bucket as it was late by now.  This was not well understood, however they ended up with another room & instructions they did not have to move bags etc tonight & to worry about it in the morning.  Bonus.  They now had a room each.

Back to rooms to reorganize packs so as to leave behind stuff in one day pack with strict instructions not to take anything we do not absolutely need.  I managed to leave ½ a day pack; Kez left nothing & had a clean singlet for each & every day of the trek. 


Memphis Steve said...

I'm always amazed at how in even the most backwards of countries they can have cell phones and iPads and big screen TVs that all work fine, but they can't figure out how to keep their plumbing working. What's up with that?

AlleyCat said...

hahaha yes, it is true! Apparently on Kokoda there is mobile reception most of the way, where there isn't, they boys write their texts, then throw their mobiles up in the air (to get reception)& then check them when they catch them to see if the message went or not!!!

Plumbing boy saw so much basic stuff he could do for the villagers that would make their lives so much easier...........