Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can somebody give me a pep talk??

I found it hard to go for my run this morning.  Getting out of bed wasn’t hard as I thought my phone was actually ringing & didn’t realize it was just the alarm when I bolted out of bed to where it was charging in the kitchen.  Got my gear on & sat on the couch as I usually do to lace up my runners.  After lacing them, I just flopped back onto the couch feeling like I couldn’t be bothered.  I gave my trainer a brief thought – what would he say?  “Get off your arse” was the resounding answer in my head.  I got up & ran, actually doing the best splits for the last 3km than I’d done in forever.  I realized while I was running that I probably need something new to train for.  What had gotten me up every week morning for the past 3 ½ months was done (the trek).

I know I want to do the 10km in Warrnambool again in January, but that’s too far away to be training for now.  I know I’d like to do the 12km Maribyrnong run that I missed last October, but again a little far away.  I started looking at closer events & found a 10km “Run Melbourne”.  Big event.  In 8 weeks.  Since then I’ve been having a minor melt down in my head.  Can I train for it in time?  It’s too hard to train for longer distances in winter; it’s too hard to get the longer runs done when there is not enough daylight; it’s pointless doing them on the treadmill.  What if I can’t run faster than I did in January? 

I feel very anxious!!!  I need someone to give me a pep talk.  Not sure if I’ll talk to my trainer or not tonight.  He’ll probably just laugh at me.  Or Not.


Emile Buttocks said...

I don't know if this will help, but if you can fit in some long runs then I'd say add some short sprint runs, like 400 meter intervals, which don't take nearly so long to complete, and this will help you still get your workouts, but not require as much time out on the road, in the cold and dark.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Mr Buttocks!!! I'm planning on doing a longer run on Saturdays or Sundays. I am so not fond of doing sprints/intervals/fartleks etc :0( but I'm going to schedule a tready session for these & probably a tready hill session each week & drop 2 of my morning runs.........

Thank you for the pep talk!!!!!