Friday, April 12, 2013

Sore Arms & Big Elastic Bands

I have sore arms today (& yesterday) & not from training!!  (glutes today from training)!  We had our vaccinations yesterday for the PNG trip.  The tetanus booster wasn't too bad & I could sleep on that side last night, but the Hep A & B Booster kept me away most of the night (had a shot in each arm).  I kept wanting roll onto that side & it kept waking me up!!!  Ouch!  I could barely lift my arms over my head last night!

Thankfully my trainer had scheduled legs for last nights work out.  Not sure if he made a modification to the work out to accommodate my arms as he rolled his eyes & said "& you think your training tonight?" My response was "you said we were doing legs!!!".  Thankfully no push ups, but lots of weighted squats & lunges.  

The last exercise we did was hamstring curls on the XRslides. I can remember the first time I did this exercise, or should that be didn't.  The idea is you lie on your back, place a heel on each slide with your feet hip width apart, lift your hips off the ground & slide your heels in towards your butt & back out again.  I could only do one leg at a time & it was SO SO HARD to do!!  Last night I had no problem doing it properly with both feet at once.  By the 3rd set of 12 it was getting HARD, but I could still do it.  I reminded trainer of this, he laughed & said "yes, I remember.  Something we've been doing has strengthened those muscles hasn't it."

That is what I am loving so much about training at the moment.  Seeing the changes in what I can do.  I'm definitely meeting the goals I set: Fitter, Stronger, Leaner. Not super specific, but in all areas I'm smashin' it!!

Which reminds me, speaking of training, I felt like I was on the set of a TV show the other night.  Trainer had found one of his misplaced training tools after being MIA for a year.  Lucky me had the pleasure of 1st test run Tuesday night.  It was a huge green elastic band.  I stood inside it with the band around my hips; trainer stood inside it the opposite end facing the same direction as me with it around his back & then grabbed the sides & held them like reins.  Got the idea?  I then had to sprint the length of the gym towing my trainer who was leaning back against the band & using his body weight & strength to stop me from going anywhere.  Bloody hard work when I stopped giggling.

Anyhoo.  Enough about training.

What are you all up to this weekend?  I've got my folks visiting & we are collecting our ration packs for the PNG trip on Sunday.  21 sleeps til we leave!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!


Ute said...


We had our flu shots the other week. Hurt like a mofo! Sleeping on it was the worst.

Hehehe, I have visions of you being shot outta that giant rubber band!!! ;o)

Omg, 21 days! Essiting!

I have nfi what we're doing this weekend. Probably picking up more fire wood in preparation of Winter.

Have a good one. :)

AlleyCat said...

I've never had a flu shot. Ouchies!

yeah, I had visions of being flung (or flinging trainer) out of that band too!!

Lots of wood is a must!!!!

Hope you had a good one too!

Memphis Steve said...

The band training you described sounds like what we did with harnesses back when I ran track. We'd strap on a harness and another runner would stand behind and hold the reins and lay back while we sprinted as hard as we could for 100 meters. We'd do that over and over. Then we'd take off the harness and sprint without it. Suddenly we felt as if we could fly.