Monday, April 8, 2013


So.  We've been doing a lot of hiking in preparation for our trip.  Lots of up & down monster hills.  Plumbing boy took us on a guided hike on Saturday around where he dirt bike rides & had us hike up "Terminator Hill".  Self explanatory.  It's bloody steep.  The entire walk was around 14.5kms.  Our mate K who is coming on the trek with us came too; photo below courtesy of K.  It's a little grainy & not all that flattering, but you get the general idea.

Speaking of long distances, I ran my furthest distance ever over Easter.  We stayed in Port Fairy with my Aunt & Uncle who'd just returned from house sitting in the UK for 2 years.  Was lovely to spend some quality time with them!!! 

Anyhoo.  Both PB & I wanted to run & I was keen for a long slow run around the 8 - 10km distance.  Uncle Tom said, well, if you run out to the golf course & just past it, you can run up & over the dunes easily & come back via the beach.  That's about an 8km return trip.  I think he was still thinking in imperial.

14.2kms later...........  I was channeling pep talks from my trainer, the Commando etc get the general idea.  It was tough & my right knee wasn't particularly impressed but I made it!!!  I was pretty stoked actually.

We have another training hike this weekend with Dad.  Did a few sessions with him where he trains over Easter.  PB's keen to do a back to back weekend where we hike both Saturday & Sunday, but we are running out of time!!!  Unless someone volunteers to do his on call weekend I suspect it won't happen.  I'm feeling pretty good about it all.  Just need to not injure myself.  

That said, I managed my first gym injury in a long time this week.  I was doing lunges in a PT session & had to bounce a medicine ball on the opposite side of my lunged leg & on the last bounce the ball bounced up & smashed into the end of my thumb.  Bought a tear to my eye but I went straight onto the next set of upright rows without much ado as it was the last thing I had to do in the session.  

When I'd finished my trainer said OK, give me a look (must have had a pained sooky expression on my face).  "Oooh, you really did hurt it didn't you.  Do you want a sticky plaster?"  Yes, he's pom.  Great accent.  The ball separated the nail from the bed & was starting to bleed.  I still have a bit of purple discoloration, but I don't think I'll lose the nail.  Throbbed like a MoFo!  Considering my usual lack of coordination at the gym, I've done quite well not to hurt myself sooner!

I think the last time I hurt myself there was when they moved the front door.  Yes, I walked into the glass panel quite forcefully.  Not once, but twice.  Dufus!  Thankfully I didn't knock myself down or out; but felt like a right twit!!


Ute said...

Dear GHOD!!!!!!

I don't know how you do it! Good onya, mate. :)

Btw, your comment on my blog disappeared into Blogspace. Stuffed if I know where. I got it in my email, but when I went to reply, it wasn't even there.

I copied & pasted it for you. :)

AlleyCat said...

LOL thanks Ute!!!

damn cyber space stealing my words....thanks for rescuing!!!!!!!!

Cinders said...

ouch... my last gym injury was also nail related and it kills! you are looking tiny - well done on all the exercise, not long till you leave.

LisaB said...

Wow 14km is huge...terrific effort.
Hope the nail stays on (ouch)

Memphis Steve said...

Congratulations on the long run! That is awesome! Your gym moved the door? Why in the world would they move the door and replace the old door with a giant sheet of glass? Its almost like they wanted people to walk into it while they watched and laughed. Your gym sounds mean!

AlleyCat said...

Cinders - why do nail injuries hurt so much??!!! Thank you!!

LisaB - thank you. I think it's OK, the purple patch has faded & not spread :0)

Steve - thank you!! I was pretty stoked about the long run :0) My gym bought the space next door & made the whole gym bigger; moved reception as part of the process. They are not that mean LOL!!!