Friday, April 19, 2013

Five on a Friday

Five things I am thankful for today:

1. New Trance Runners.  Soooooooo comfy.  Very supportive.  Super cool, Black with pink detail.

2. New body shape.  Have donated lots of clothes to my Mum.  I'm finding stuff in my wardrobe that I bough off sales racks that didn't fit me well enough to wear in public i.e. I'll wear that after I've lost a bit of weight.  Never happened.  Well, until now.  I've found stuff I don't even remember purchasing!  I'm 2kgs lighter than when we got hitched in 2009, so some stuff could predate then!!!

3. That my Dad got his cold this week & not next week; or the week after.  Hopefully he'll be snot & germ free by the time we are ready to go on our trip!!!

4. The positivity of the running community after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  I've been reading a few running blogs from the USA & they've bought a tear to my eye with their determination to continue to run marathons & to honor those who were killed & maimed/injured this week.

5. Artificial heat.  It's been bloody cold here this week!!   Thank God for my heaters!!!!!

Have a great weekend wherever you are & Carn the Catters!!!!!

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