Monday, April 29, 2013

4 sleeps

4 sleeps til we take off on our trip!!!  

Last PT session done last week; last training hike done on Saturday, 4th last run done this morning (am planning on running Tues, Wed & Thursday mornings to try & keep me sane).  

Sanity more of an issue with getting work stuff done.  Some people leave their stuff until the 11th hour to do, which leaves me with inadequate time to finish things off properly, usually rendering me a ranting frazzled ball of stress!!!

Am not really worried by the trip, although will be happier once my pack is packed!  I had hoped to do this yesterday, but time got away from me.  I think I have everything I need now & most of it is out on the table awaiting me.

I did finalize our ration packs.  Here is some of the stuff I removed..........yes I know some of you will be horrified I'm leaving the lollies behind (although had they been fruit tingles I probably would have taken them)!!!  And all the Jatz crackers & Arnotts sweet biscuits. 

And all the 2 minute noodles.  If I have to eat 2 minute noodles, there are better ones than Maggie/Trident (in my opinion anyway).

Plumbing boy did keep his lollies, & most of his biscuits.  I  added in some more muesli bars, some mini mars & snickers (would rather those than crackers & sweet bikkies!) 

Here is PB's munchies all boxed up......


& Back of the packs

All I'm waiting on now to arrive are the extra socks I ordered on line 6 weeks ago........last Tuesday they said they would be dispatched within 2 - 4 my reckoning, that would be Friday at earliest with the public holiday on Thursday & tomorrow latest.......from Brisvegas, should arrive tomorrow or Thursday.  What's the bet I have to do an emergency sock run on Friday before we go............

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Ute said...

Yummeh Noodles! My fave are the Curry ones by Maggi.
They discontinued them for a while. But I guess there was a big outcry, not only by us, so they brought them back. Mind you, they don't do them in the 5 packs. Bastards.

Ghod, I haven't had a fruit Tingle in ages.