Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 on a Tuesday

Since I forgot 5 on a Friday last week, I'll go for 2 on Tuesday today.

Hmmm what am I thankful for today??

1. That the ankle I rolled at work Friday afternoon is much better & that I could run on it this morning.

2. My Trainer.  He flogged me with legs last night.  Weighted lunges followed by jump squats are not fun people.  But I ran my fastest ever 5.5km this morning despite said leg work out.  Usually after legs I'm SLOW!!!!

We picked up our ration packs on Sunday & met our guide Reg, for the Black Cat Track trip.  Reg had a BBQ for the last Kokoda group he took last year, some older friends who'd walked various trek's with him in PNG & our group, to prove that we will survive!! LOL  Reg was happy to find that he wont be the oldest person on the trip for a change, Dad has him by 1 year.

We will been issued the following:

Uncle Toby's quick oats sachets x 2
Tea Bags x 2
Coffee x 2 (switching for Milo)
Sugar x 2 (switching for honey to put on porridge)
Salt x 2

Nut bar x 1 (switching for my fave Carmen's blueberry & dark chocolate bars)

Maggie 2 minute noodles x 1
Tin tuna x 1
Jatz Cracker 3 pack x 2 (switching for a mini snickers)

Trail mix or dried fruit pack x 1

Dehydrated Chicken Curry/Roast lamb with mash, gravy & peas x 1
Jatz Cracker 3 pack x 2 (may switch for some more trail mix)
Arnotts sweet biscuit 2 pack x 1 (leaving behind - yuk)
Life saver (or other lollie) pack x 1 (switching for a mini snickers)

My trainer tells me we have enough calories & was more worried about the fact that if the rations were for him he'd be hungry!!  He has a very fast metabolism & eats a lot!!!

We do get rice with dinner & if the villages have fruit & vegetables to share we can buy them along the way to supplement us.  The Kokoda group of course weren't able to purchase much as there are thousands of people on that trail every year.  Our trail is lucky to see more than 20 each year.

It's only for 8 days.  I'm sure we will be fine.  Although the wife of one of the returned Kokoda trekkers told me I needed to fatten up before we go LOL.  She said some of their group were gaunt on return.  A few of them had gastro which didn't help.  I usually have cast iron guts so am planning to be just fine!!!  They all complained about the porridge: I eat it for breaky every day at the moment, so I'll be fine :0)


Ute said...

It'll be like going on a mini Survivor! Except without the spunky Jeff Probst. :)

C said...

Those rations don't look too bad too me, great mix of protein, carbs (and chocolate!) to keep you energised. I have those porridge sachets for brekky every day too, they are my favourite!

It sounds like you guys are going to have such an amazing adventure, I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Thanks for keeping us updated. :)


Memphis Steve said...

Wow, you are going on an 8 day hike and relying on rations than sound like a snack to me! Wow!

OK, someone sent me a package and it seems to contain some music and some Vegemite and a letter. I wonder who that someone is? ;-)

AlleyCat said...

Survivor indeed Ute!! I'll have to pack a bandanna!!!

Thanks C - I love porridge too!! especially in winter. Yeah, I thought the mix was OK. Hope my chocolate doesn't melt!!!

Steve - I wonder?? Hope you like Vegemite LOL!