Monday, April 29, 2013

4 sleeps

4 sleeps til we take off on our trip!!!  

Last PT session done last week; last training hike done on Saturday, 4th last run done this morning (am planning on running Tues, Wed & Thursday mornings to try & keep me sane).  

Sanity more of an issue with getting work stuff done.  Some people leave their stuff until the 11th hour to do, which leaves me with inadequate time to finish things off properly, usually rendering me a ranting frazzled ball of stress!!!

Am not really worried by the trip, although will be happier once my pack is packed!  I had hoped to do this yesterday, but time got away from me.  I think I have everything I need now & most of it is out on the table awaiting me.

I did finalize our ration packs.  Here is some of the stuff I removed..........yes I know some of you will be horrified I'm leaving the lollies behind (although had they been fruit tingles I probably would have taken them)!!!  And all the Jatz crackers & Arnotts sweet biscuits. 

And all the 2 minute noodles.  If I have to eat 2 minute noodles, there are better ones than Maggie/Trident (in my opinion anyway).

Plumbing boy did keep his lollies, & most of his biscuits.  I  added in some more muesli bars, some mini mars & snickers (would rather those than crackers & sweet bikkies!) 

Here is PB's munchies all boxed up......


& Back of the packs

All I'm waiting on now to arrive are the extra socks I ordered on line 6 weeks ago........last Tuesday they said they would be dispatched within 2 - 4 my reckoning, that would be Friday at earliest with the public holiday on Thursday & tomorrow latest.......from Brisvegas, should arrive tomorrow or Thursday.  What's the bet I have to do an emergency sock run on Friday before we go............

Friday, April 26, 2013

5 On A Friday

5 things I am thankful for this week...........

1. ANZAC Day.  Who doesn't love a public holiday?

2. ANZAC's.  I'm not going to expand on this other than to say I have lots of conflicting thoughts about the whole concept of war & soldiers & conscription & & &

3. For the opportunity to be going on our trip to PNG to stand where my Grandpa stood as an ANZAC.

4. For the opportunity to visit Grandpa's brother Tom's grave in PNG.  Something I've not given much thought to until recently.  It's something my Dad is really looking forward to as it was something he never expected to be able to do in his lifetime.  I get a little teary thinking about it now.  That he sacrificed his life; that neither my Dad nor the rest of our family had the chance to meet him & get to know him.

5. That my Grandpa came back from the war.  For the opportunity to have had him (& Grandma) in my life for over 30 years, to get to know him; to call him friend.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Forgot I had some photo's of Easter...........

Step niece(?) & bunny

Sunday afternoon was so nice we decided to go to the pub for a pint of Cider & enjoy the sunshine.  The Stump didn't have any tables outside so we went to the Vic.

There were tables when we left the Vic, so had to have a couple more at The Stump.  The stump looks a little sad these days.

A Wallaby on one of our training walks @ Tower Hill.  We probably saw at least 10 Wallabies & Kangaroos.  We only saw one Koala & no Echinda's.  Although my sis saw two the afternoon we left.

Monday, April 22, 2013

11 Sleeps

11 Sleeps until we head off on our adventure!!

I purchased a few substitutes for our ration packs on the weekend - muesli bars we like, sachets of power aid & some dried blueberries to add to our porridge.  Plumbing Boy sampled one of the dehydrated meals for lunch yesterday - Roast lamb, gravy, mint pea's & mash.  Wasn't too bad for what it was.  It's only for 8 days so I am sure we will survive.

I just have to make it through the next two weeks @ work.  My office assistant was on leave last week & again this week so I've been kept very busy doing her job as well as mine.  

I've been feeling a bit tired & slightly overwhelmed over the past few days.  Time just seems to disappear!!  I managed to talk PB into doing our training hike locally yesterday - he wanted to head up to Wombat State Forrest which means an hour each way in the car plus the 3 hour hike.  We covered 15.25 kms in 3 hours & found enough hills to get our heart rates pumping & only 5 minutes drive away :0)

We have 1 x training session left with Kokoda Historical (who we are doing the trip with) this coming Saturday near Healesville @ Donna Buang - shorter in distance than Sunday's hike, but steeper & therefore more challenging.  I still have my own PT sessions & morning runs to contend with, but don't tell my legs!!!

OK.  I'd better get back to said work.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five on a Friday

Five things I am thankful for today:

1. New Trance Runners.  Soooooooo comfy.  Very supportive.  Super cool, Black with pink detail.

2. New body shape.  Have donated lots of clothes to my Mum.  I'm finding stuff in my wardrobe that I bough off sales racks that didn't fit me well enough to wear in public i.e. I'll wear that after I've lost a bit of weight.  Never happened.  Well, until now.  I've found stuff I don't even remember purchasing!  I'm 2kgs lighter than when we got hitched in 2009, so some stuff could predate then!!!

3. That my Dad got his cold this week & not next week; or the week after.  Hopefully he'll be snot & germ free by the time we are ready to go on our trip!!!

4. The positivity of the running community after the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  I've been reading a few running blogs from the USA & they've bought a tear to my eye with their determination to continue to run marathons & to honor those who were killed & maimed/injured this week.

5. Artificial heat.  It's been bloody cold here this week!!   Thank God for my heaters!!!!!

Have a great weekend wherever you are & Carn the Catters!!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 on a Tuesday

Since I forgot 5 on a Friday last week, I'll go for 2 on Tuesday today.

Hmmm what am I thankful for today??

1. That the ankle I rolled at work Friday afternoon is much better & that I could run on it this morning.

2. My Trainer.  He flogged me with legs last night.  Weighted lunges followed by jump squats are not fun people.  But I ran my fastest ever 5.5km this morning despite said leg work out.  Usually after legs I'm SLOW!!!!

We picked up our ration packs on Sunday & met our guide Reg, for the Black Cat Track trip.  Reg had a BBQ for the last Kokoda group he took last year, some older friends who'd walked various trek's with him in PNG & our group, to prove that we will survive!! LOL  Reg was happy to find that he wont be the oldest person on the trip for a change, Dad has him by 1 year.

We will been issued the following:

Uncle Toby's quick oats sachets x 2
Tea Bags x 2
Coffee x 2 (switching for Milo)
Sugar x 2 (switching for honey to put on porridge)
Salt x 2

Nut bar x 1 (switching for my fave Carmen's blueberry & dark chocolate bars)

Maggie 2 minute noodles x 1
Tin tuna x 1
Jatz Cracker 3 pack x 2 (switching for a mini snickers)

Trail mix or dried fruit pack x 1

Dehydrated Chicken Curry/Roast lamb with mash, gravy & peas x 1
Jatz Cracker 3 pack x 2 (may switch for some more trail mix)
Arnotts sweet biscuit 2 pack x 1 (leaving behind - yuk)
Life saver (or other lollie) pack x 1 (switching for a mini snickers)

My trainer tells me we have enough calories & was more worried about the fact that if the rations were for him he'd be hungry!!  He has a very fast metabolism & eats a lot!!!

We do get rice with dinner & if the villages have fruit & vegetables to share we can buy them along the way to supplement us.  The Kokoda group of course weren't able to purchase much as there are thousands of people on that trail every year.  Our trail is lucky to see more than 20 each year.

It's only for 8 days.  I'm sure we will be fine.  Although the wife of one of the returned Kokoda trekkers told me I needed to fatten up before we go LOL.  She said some of their group were gaunt on return.  A few of them had gastro which didn't help.  I usually have cast iron guts so am planning to be just fine!!!  They all complained about the porridge: I eat it for breaky every day at the moment, so I'll be fine :0)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sore Arms & Big Elastic Bands

I have sore arms today (& yesterday) & not from training!!  (glutes today from training)!  We had our vaccinations yesterday for the PNG trip.  The tetanus booster wasn't too bad & I could sleep on that side last night, but the Hep A & B Booster kept me away most of the night (had a shot in each arm).  I kept wanting roll onto that side & it kept waking me up!!!  Ouch!  I could barely lift my arms over my head last night!

Thankfully my trainer had scheduled legs for last nights work out.  Not sure if he made a modification to the work out to accommodate my arms as he rolled his eyes & said "& you think your training tonight?" My response was "you said we were doing legs!!!".  Thankfully no push ups, but lots of weighted squats & lunges.  

The last exercise we did was hamstring curls on the XRslides. I can remember the first time I did this exercise, or should that be didn't.  The idea is you lie on your back, place a heel on each slide with your feet hip width apart, lift your hips off the ground & slide your heels in towards your butt & back out again.  I could only do one leg at a time & it was SO SO HARD to do!!  Last night I had no problem doing it properly with both feet at once.  By the 3rd set of 12 it was getting HARD, but I could still do it.  I reminded trainer of this, he laughed & said "yes, I remember.  Something we've been doing has strengthened those muscles hasn't it."

That is what I am loving so much about training at the moment.  Seeing the changes in what I can do.  I'm definitely meeting the goals I set: Fitter, Stronger, Leaner. Not super specific, but in all areas I'm smashin' it!!

Which reminds me, speaking of training, I felt like I was on the set of a TV show the other night.  Trainer had found one of his misplaced training tools after being MIA for a year.  Lucky me had the pleasure of 1st test run Tuesday night.  It was a huge green elastic band.  I stood inside it with the band around my hips; trainer stood inside it the opposite end facing the same direction as me with it around his back & then grabbed the sides & held them like reins.  Got the idea?  I then had to sprint the length of the gym towing my trainer who was leaning back against the band & using his body weight & strength to stop me from going anywhere.  Bloody hard work when I stopped giggling.

Anyhoo.  Enough about training.

What are you all up to this weekend?  I've got my folks visiting & we are collecting our ration packs for the PNG trip on Sunday.  21 sleeps til we leave!!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013


So.  We've been doing a lot of hiking in preparation for our trip.  Lots of up & down monster hills.  Plumbing boy took us on a guided hike on Saturday around where he dirt bike rides & had us hike up "Terminator Hill".  Self explanatory.  It's bloody steep.  The entire walk was around 14.5kms.  Our mate K who is coming on the trek with us came too; photo below courtesy of K.  It's a little grainy & not all that flattering, but you get the general idea.

Speaking of long distances, I ran my furthest distance ever over Easter.  We stayed in Port Fairy with my Aunt & Uncle who'd just returned from house sitting in the UK for 2 years.  Was lovely to spend some quality time with them!!! 

Anyhoo.  Both PB & I wanted to run & I was keen for a long slow run around the 8 - 10km distance.  Uncle Tom said, well, if you run out to the golf course & just past it, you can run up & over the dunes easily & come back via the beach.  That's about an 8km return trip.  I think he was still thinking in imperial.

14.2kms later...........  I was channeling pep talks from my trainer, the Commando etc get the general idea.  It was tough & my right knee wasn't particularly impressed but I made it!!!  I was pretty stoked actually.

We have another training hike this weekend with Dad.  Did a few sessions with him where he trains over Easter.  PB's keen to do a back to back weekend where we hike both Saturday & Sunday, but we are running out of time!!!  Unless someone volunteers to do his on call weekend I suspect it won't happen.  I'm feeling pretty good about it all.  Just need to not injure myself.  

That said, I managed my first gym injury in a long time this week.  I was doing lunges in a PT session & had to bounce a medicine ball on the opposite side of my lunged leg & on the last bounce the ball bounced up & smashed into the end of my thumb.  Bought a tear to my eye but I went straight onto the next set of upright rows without much ado as it was the last thing I had to do in the session.  

When I'd finished my trainer said OK, give me a look (must have had a pained sooky expression on my face).  "Oooh, you really did hurt it didn't you.  Do you want a sticky plaster?"  Yes, he's pom.  Great accent.  The ball separated the nail from the bed & was starting to bleed.  I still have a bit of purple discoloration, but I don't think I'll lose the nail.  Throbbed like a MoFo!  Considering my usual lack of coordination at the gym, I've done quite well not to hurt myself sooner!

I think the last time I hurt myself there was when they moved the front door.  Yes, I walked into the glass panel quite forcefully.  Not once, but twice.  Dufus!  Thankfully I didn't knock myself down or out; but felt like a right twit!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

5 on a Friday

I'm attempting to revive 5 on a Friday that previous blogger Amanda used to do every Friday noting 5 things she was grateful for.  She's no longer blogging (that I know of) but if you still read every now & then I hope you are doing well mate!!!

1. My new smurf blue runners!  The are so comfortable!!!  I think I should have replaced my older runners quite some time ago.  I have 2 pairs for running & alternate them.  The pink pair had 650kms on them when I retired them last week.

2. That I could afford said new runners.  I actually have another pair on order - black with hot pink detail.  My 2nd pair are only 100kms behind the retired pair.  I don't want to end up with an injury because my running shoes are no longer doing their job.  I pronate so need the support.

3. My fitness.  I am so in the zone right now.  I've run 5 mornings out of 7 for the past 3 weeks & feel great.  The PT sessions are also helping a lot & I'm really seeing the improvement of strength as well each week.

4. My family.  While I may complain about them sometimes, we spent Easter with them & they really are a pretty funny, caring & considerate bunch.

5. Impending holiday to PNG!  Not that some of you are calling it a holiday :0)  But any time away from work is a holiday to me!!!  It will be a physically strenuous & a pretty emotional time following in the footsteps of my Dad's Dad when he was in PNG fighting in the 2nd world war.  Grandpa's brother is buried in a cemetery over there & we will be visiting his grave which is very important to my Dad & something he never thought he'd be able to do.  Being able to do this trip with my Dad makes me extra thankful.  In my head my parents only just turned 60.  Dad is 67 tomorrow.  Where has the time gone!!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend where ever you are!

Go Catters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!