Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have stuff to tell you but no time!!

I went & saw Glen Hansard (& the Frames) on Saturday night & it was one of the best gig's I've been to in a long time.  It was on par with Ben Harper.  The guy was still playing in the foyer when we left at 12.10am.  The gig technically finished around 11am, everything after that was him/them just having fun.  Needless to say his tunes have been on high rotation since then.  I'm probably driving everyone else batty by playing them over & over.

We had a 14.3km training hike the following day up at Wombat State Forrest. The hike was fine, a little rough under foot in places & lots of logs to clamber over which I wasn't used to.  That night I had to go to the airport to meet family who'd been away for 2 years house sitting in the UK & pick up their luggage.  While I was in bed by 10.30pm I was wrecked all day Monday.  My eyeballs hurt more than anything.  Plumbing boy kept asking me how my legs were because his were a bit sore.  I kept saying don't worry about my legs, my eyeballs hurt!!!

I was too tired to go for my morning run after the hike, but attempted it on the tready before a 30 minute PT session.  I knew as soon as I started the session with Craig there is a reason why I don't run before his sessions.  After the first set of step ups he laughed & said "this is going to be interesting" as I was struggling already.  I always ran before doing the previous PT's sessions without issue.  Clearly he wasn't working me hard enough!!  I dug deep & finished the session a lot stronger than I started to it & got a high 5 from Craig with him saying "I can tell you one thing, you are a shit load fitter now than when you started with me".

So I'm feeling pretty happy with myself & my training at this point.  The scales have dipped below 60kgs & my skinny clothes are fitting!!!  I've given away some of my fat clothes already.  I'm kind of in virgin territory now.  I'm smaller than when we got hitched & haven't been this lean since my early 20's at a guess!!

I have no particular weight or size goal: my goals were fitter, stronger & leaner.

Easter will be interesting.  I've just eaten my first baby Lindt Bunny.  I organised for the Easter Bunny to come early this year as one of our guys is on an RDO tomorrow.  Considering he's probably got the sweetest tooth & will eat most of the chocolate, it was only fair.

I hope you all get to spend some time with the people you love this Easter; I also hope you get to eat some mighty fine chocolate if that's your thing!!!! AND Keep Safe.


Ute said...

Oh hai! Y'all been ├╝ber busy!

Hope you have a great Easter LWE. We have plenty of nothing to do!
Gardening, wood chopping/stacking, general around the house shit. :)

Chris H said...

Have you had a lovely Easter? Did you eat any chocolate? I didn't!
How about some recent photos of the new you?

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Ute!!

Thanks Chris!! pics soon :0)