Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I have stuff to tell you but no time!!

I went & saw Glen Hansard (& the Frames) on Saturday night & it was one of the best gig's I've been to in a long time.  It was on par with Ben Harper.  The guy was still playing in the foyer when we left at 12.10am.  The gig technically finished around 11am, everything after that was him/them just having fun.  Needless to say his tunes have been on high rotation since then.  I'm probably driving everyone else batty by playing them over & over.

We had a 14.3km training hike the following day up at Wombat State Forrest. The hike was fine, a little rough under foot in places & lots of logs to clamber over which I wasn't used to.  That night I had to go to the airport to meet family who'd been away for 2 years house sitting in the UK & pick up their luggage.  While I was in bed by 10.30pm I was wrecked all day Monday.  My eyeballs hurt more than anything.  Plumbing boy kept asking me how my legs were because his were a bit sore.  I kept saying don't worry about my legs, my eyeballs hurt!!!

I was too tired to go for my morning run after the hike, but attempted it on the tready before a 30 minute PT session.  I knew as soon as I started the session with Craig there is a reason why I don't run before his sessions.  After the first set of step ups he laughed & said "this is going to be interesting" as I was struggling already.  I always ran before doing the previous PT's sessions without issue.  Clearly he wasn't working me hard enough!!  I dug deep & finished the session a lot stronger than I started to it & got a high 5 from Craig with him saying "I can tell you one thing, you are a shit load fitter now than when you started with me".

So I'm feeling pretty happy with myself & my training at this point.  The scales have dipped below 60kgs & my skinny clothes are fitting!!!  I've given away some of my fat clothes already.  I'm kind of in virgin territory now.  I'm smaller than when we got hitched & haven't been this lean since my early 20's at a guess!!

I have no particular weight or size goal: my goals were fitter, stronger & leaner.

Easter will be interesting.  I've just eaten my first baby Lindt Bunny.  I organised for the Easter Bunny to come early this year as one of our guys is on an RDO tomorrow.  Considering he's probably got the sweetest tooth & will eat most of the chocolate, it was only fair.

I hope you all get to spend some time with the people you love this Easter; I also hope you get to eat some mighty fine chocolate if that's your thing!!!! AND Keep Safe.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lots but not Much

I seem to have been doing lots, but have not much to Blog about!

Work has been a bitch.  Nothing I can really expand upon here; just the usual things small business's suffer from & it's been doing my head in a bit.  That's not so unusual, I am the worrier.  When Plumbing Boy starts getting down about it, things become more stressful.  It will pass, I am sure.  Well it better!!!

In a sense, work stress has driven me to exercise more, which is a good thing.  It's time away from work where I'm not usually thinking about work!  I've run the past 9 mornings out of 10!!  No great distance, just my 6.5 or 5.5km loop depending on how sore my legs are.  

I'd been a bit put off from running outdoors since the naked man incident & the bike stalker incident coupled with  various other attacks in the media & therefore had been pretty much sticking to the tready.  But the aircon in the gym has not been working properly (was fixed this week), so  running in the mornings is actually the coolest option & gets me in a good frame of mind to start my day with.

I've been seeing my awesome PT for 2 x 30 minute sessions a week.  Last week he said he can now see definition in my arms & waist is appearing.  I think I love him LOL!  I have actually dropped about 2.5kgs since I started with him just over a month ago & am feeling much better for it.  My clothes fit heaps better & I feel less bloated (most of the time).  

I know my commitment levels are at an all time high when I was worried last week about how I was going to fit in my exercise over the long weekend while I was away! 

Went to the country for the weekend to stay with an old mate from high school on his farm.  They run sheep, have cereal crops & raise between 20 & 40 poddy calves per year to sell as steers.  We had the first catch up I'd been to since our school reunion 2 years ago on the Saturday night via a BBQ at his farm & was great fun to catch up with the people who came (only a small selection invited as it wasn't a formal catch up).  

We took the scenic route on the way & stopped in at a country pub that one of the guys from high school is now managing (who didn't come to the reunion).  Hadn't seen him for 20 years.  When miss D & I walked in his face was priceless!!!  He didn't know we were coming & we didn't even know if he was working.  It must have been meant to be as he doesn't usually work afternoons & was filling in for one of his staff.  We stayed for an hour or so, had a couple of beers & a good chin wag with him so hopefully he'll come to the catch up later in the year that we are in the midst of organizing.

The Black Cat Trek is going ahead.  Just forked out a shite load of $$$, but it's all good.  We've been hiking most weekends & have a formal 14km hike coming up with the tour organizers in 2 weeks so that shall be fun.  The furthest I've hiked so far was on 13.4 on my own, but not so hilly.  I've worked out we'll be hiking on average 10kms per day for 7 days, + 1 day where we take a sideways hike, but not sure how far to get to the site we are going to.  That should be easily achievable.  My PT said I don't need to train for further than 10kms; we're focusing on strengthening my legs (& core) & pushing so they recover well (something about dealing with lactic acid build up!!).

Now I'm just rambling so I'd better bugger off & get back to work.

Take Care out there people!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Award!!!

Thanks to Ute & FML for giving me this blog award!!  I am so not deserving right now as I've been a very slack blogger!!!!

This means I am supposed to write 15 things about me.  I'm not sure I can even think of 15 things I haven't already blogged before, but I'll give it a crack!

1. I used to sing as a kid, in public.  Mainly in Primary School.  My dad plays guitar (& banjo & mandolin & is currently singing in a mens group called the tin shed singers) & he used to accompany me & do some some harmony in the chorus at local concerts.  I even made the local paper one year, picture & all.  I think the largest concert was 300 hundred people?  How many people does a country hall hold???  I'd like to get back into singing, in maybe a modern sort of gospel choir?  The only times I sing these days is when I've had a bit to much to drink & if I can find a bathroom with great acoustics after said drinks I'll sing my heart out for you!  It makes my soul sing & I could use more of that if you know what I mean.

2. At one said concert, just before I went on stage I sliced open my foot on a gardening tool one of the previous acts had left it laying around like the klutz I can be.  I was in maybe grade 3 or 4 & had to stand on a chair so everyone could see me.  I think we sang "The Streets of London" that year.  While I was nervous, everyone thought my pallor was from nerves alone, little did they know (or could see) my leaking foot!!!!!  I almost fainted when we made it off stage!

3. I also fainted in high school assembly once!!!  Year 9 or there about.  It was a morning quadrangle assembly so we were out in the sun.  I probably hadn't had any breakfast & was wearing a jumper while it was hot.  This all contributed to said fainting incident.  Very embarrassed.  Our entire school was at the assembly, although that was only around 320 kids, that was plenty an audience for me!

4. The reason I was wearing my jumper was due to a bit of a war going on with my Mum.  Mum thought my summer uniform should go be below knee length.  I thought is should be well & truly above knee length.  I'd take it up after she'd wash it.  Then every time it went in the wash, she'd take it back down again.  I didn't have the guts to actually cut it so she couldn't take it back down.  This particular day I didn't have time to take it up so I was wearing a dorky belt to keep it hitched up & that was why I was wearing my jumper: to hide the belt!.  What an idiot!!!!!

5. The closest I've come to fainting since then was when Plumbing Boy's brother died.  He took his own life 18 years & 40 days ago.  I was overcome by emotion & the smell of the ward that I had to hastily sit with my head between my knees.  I saw stars, but didn't actually pass out that time.  I felt like an idiot as I'd only been going out with PB for a couple of years & had only known his brother briefly (in comparison to everyone else).

6. I don't think I ever got angry with PB's brother; or our friend Chris who also took his own life (almost 4 years ago now).  I feel a deep sadness that they felt so lost & alone that they couldn't reach out & let someone help them.  It still breaks my heart now when I think of how awful it must have been in the end for them.

7. I think I've decided I'd rather be cremated than buried.  I was always worried about being fried.  What if you weren't really dead???  I think it would be worse being buried alive though.  The fear & pain during cremation if you weren't quite dead would be shorter in duration than being in a box underground & still alive.  I recon anyway.  I haven't decided where I'd like my ashes scattered yet - probably a bit here & there.

8. I'm an organ donor & believe strongly in it.  Although I don't want my body donated to science for medical students to practice; I just can't get my head around that!  PB (& his mum) were able to donate some of his brothers organs.  I think his eyes & maybe kidneys?  They received a letter after the transplants were done letting them know what organs were able to be used & that they'd received new "homes" or should that be "hosts"?  It would be weird to meet the eye recipient & see his eyes peering out at you.  The joy of the recipient outweighs any weirdness though.

9. Apparently my kidneys & liver are in good order.  I went for what I call a "grease & oil change" at my local GP, who did all the usual lady tests followed by a leeching of blood.  My cholesterol has come down from 6.5 to 5.5 since last year which is good news as there is family history of high cholesterol requiring medication (thanks Ma!).  My good cholesterol was 2.5 which is apparently very good.  He did a liver & kidney function test which were excellent.  He  forgot to add the Ferritin (iron study) so I have to go back & donate another vial of red stuff.  Mine is on the high side so we test every year to make sure it's not increasing which could cause me problems.

10. It shits me no end when people bang on the internet on about iron & making sure you have enough iron blah blah blah.  They really need to consider the fact that their readers may have an iron overload disorder they are unaware of & have just encouraged them to make this worse by recommending they take supplements & eat more bloody iron!!!  Feeling tired doesn't always mean you have low iron. I could be the opposite & you could be harming people by pushing this view point.  I can't take multi vitamins because just about all of them have iron in them.  And you'd be surprised just how many food products are fortified with iron (cereals, milks, juices etc).  So.  Don't assume your iron levels are low.  And if you are being tested your doctor needs to specifically test your Ferritin Level.

11. My arms feel like spaghetti today.  My new PT has been working me to exhaustion.  Last night we ended with an exercise I do frequently on my own.  A plank on your toes arms on elbows, then you go up on to your hands one hand at a time then back down onto your elbows one at a time.  He tried to make me do this last night with my feet in straps hanging from the ceiling (makes your core work harder as you are quite unstable) instead of on the floor.  After 3 attempts to make it easier by holding the straps stabler each time, he let me do it on my toes & I still could barely lift myself up onto my hands.  I felt so pathetic!  He just laughed & said I did awesome & that he'd done his job because he'd completely fatigued my core.  My core hurts too, but my arms are worse!!  My niece once asked my sister, "who is FAT-IG-U"?  What do you mean she said.  I want to know who he his & why he kills & why its on a sign.  The sign said "Fatigue Kills".

12. I once killed a mouse.  In a toaster.  There was peer pressure, but I was the one who pushed the button down.  I still feel ashamed about this 20 years later.  I know a lot of people hate rodents & consider a good one a dead one, but I still feel like I murdered an innocent creature.

13. I prefer to relocate pests rather than poison  squash or fry them.  I don't even like to squish ants.  Maybe I was a Buddhist in a previous life.

14. I worry about the welfare of the animals that I eat & think that maybe one day I will be a vegetarian.  But then I remember the episode of the young ones where Neil is making a vegetable soup & the carrots are crying & Neil goes a bit crazy.  Carrots have feelings to you know!!  I try to shop responsibly & make sure the produce I buy are farmed kindly & responsibly.  I cannot understand people who think caged chickens are OK (yes Dad - that means you!).  

15. My favorite foods at the moment are sweet potato & the cheese board Persian feta with Chili & Safron  I could eat both at every meal!!!!!

I tag:
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Have a great weekend everyone!