Friday, February 15, 2013

Port Douglas 2013

Plumbing boy & I snuck off to Port Douglas Jan 26th for a week once all our staff were back from annual leave.  We went to visit my cuz who qualified last year as a personal trainer.  My holiday was very physical!  She also has a 2 & a 4 year old who kept us busy & therefore were in bed before 9pm every night bar our last one!

Her hubby collected us from the airport in Cairns & chauffeured us up to Port.  Within a couple of hours my cuz had confiscated me to hike the Bump Track with her.  It would have been 30 degrees at least when we set out & I was looking like a right tomato head a 1/3 of the way up!  The first 3rd is very steep uphill, the 2nd third a little up & down, the last third slightly undulating.  I'm not sure exactly how much of it we walked (we started at the hard end & it took us 2.5 hours but there were a few tree's down & we had to navigate some nasty prickly vines) so imagine at least 5 of the 6kms + return.  I certainly earned my dinner that night!

Sunday PB & I got up early & took Buddy (dog) for a run on the beach.  PB struggled massively with the heat & didn't quite make the 6km.  I had to stop & take off my shoes to cross a storm water channel as the tide was too far in & the channel too wide for me to jump (without falling it!!).  Trying to get my feet dry & socks back on with out sand was challenging!!!

After breakfast we went for a drive to the Mossman river & tried some stand up paddle boarding.  Stand up paddle boards are pretty self explanatory: like surf boards except you have a paddle.  Here is my cousin & her 2 year old at the first rest stop.

Ty had fallen asleep by the time we got where we were going (about 4.5kms up river)!  She can paddle with both the 2 & 4 year olds or one of them & the dog on her board!!!

Plumbing boy cooling off in the rapids

It was much cooler here than back in Port.  The beautiful rain forest & the crisp cool water was much needed relief.  They had their hottest day in 40 odd years while we were up there & the hottest week on record according to one of the locals!

Once we'd paddled upstream & had a rest (I swear I was paddling on the spot for ages not going anywhere!!!!) we got to float back to our starting point.  A 1 hour paddle upstream took us less than 10 minutes to get back!

 The cutest puppies in the world were keen to go paddling too, but weren't quite strong enough swimmers.  My cousin's dog had sired not one but two litters by the time we left!  The first was planned with another pure bred Kelpie.  There were 9 in the litter, 1 died in the first couple of weeks & 4 were sold before we arrived.  By the time we took this picture (on our second Mossman river paddle) darling Leo had been sold leaving these three cuties.  I swear I would have taken one home had we been driving!!!

The second litter was not planned & was with a Blue Healer who's owner is a little remiss in keeping his dog at home.  The first attempt was when the she dog backed herself up to the front gate & they tried to do the deed with the gate between them!!!  Luckily my cousin saw what was happening before they were locked together & pulled them apart, but she wasn't so quick a couple of days later when  she dog snuck in the gate while she was strapping Ty into his car seat & by the time she realized, they were locked together & nothing could be done but wait til they'd finished.  6 more puppies arrived while we were there.

Monday my cuz usually runs a boot camp (abs), but due to the lack of Telstra coverage on mobile/internet/land line she couldn't let anyone know it was on, plus it was a public holiday.  We went anyway & I had my own personal session at sunrise on the main beach of Port Douglas.  It was beautiful!!!  Besides the ahhh sweat, sand & pain LOL.

Tuesday was spin class; Wednesday was boot camp again (legs this time); then we hired a boat & went out to the Lowe Isles about a 30 minute boat ride from Port for some snorkling.

Saw lots of fish, turtles, a small ray, a baby shark, giant clams & lots of coral.  After lunch we unpacked the stand up paddle boards & paddled over to & into the mangroves to check out the juvenile fish.  It was very calm so not a lot hard than paddling up the river.  We had one last snorkle then headed back to Port.

Thursday was rest day because I could barely get out of bed.  Everything between knee's & shoulders hurt!!!!  Time for a massage!!!  And it was bloody good!

Friday morning PB came to boot camp with us - this time it was stand up paddle board boot camp, but as there was only one paying participant besides us, we just went for a paddle.  Although I felt more stable I was still getting left behind!!!  Saw a couple of little rays & few fish & of course another beautiful sunrise!  Later that morning we took the paddle boards back to the Mossman river as my cuz helps out her mate who hires them out & he had 3 hires for a river paddle.  While I still felt like I was paddling on the spot I was most surprised to find we'd arrived at the turn around point!!  I must have been getting better!!!

That night we had a few of my cuz's friends over for BBQ dinner as it was our last night.  There were kids running around everywhere splashing in the pool & a fine time was had by all!  We managed to stay up after 9pm this night!!!

PB & I are god parents to both the kids so we filled in most days just hanging out with them (& cooling off in the pool).  The 4 year old only just remembered us from our visit 2 years ago & the 2 year old didn't remember us at all.  I had a permanent attachment to my leg for half the trip via Ty.  My cuz sent me a text on Monday letting me know Ty had spent the entire day saying "where cat, where cat".  He was struggling with the concept we'd gone home to Melbourne!  Awwwwww.  Too cute.

We made our way home to a much cooler Melbourne & rather enjoyed having a doona to snuggle under without aircon!  While it wasn't exactly a relaxing holiday, it was great to get out of the office & into the outdoors.  Kind of the perfect kick start to our next trip: The Black Cat Track hike in May.  Stay tuned!!!


Cinders said...

I love how the little one is sleeping on the paddle board. Great pics.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders - yes - Ty is very cute sleeping on the board!!!!

Ute said...

Adventure holiday!

Cool pics mate. The water looks so inviting. Not sure about the heat but.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Ute!!!! Yes, you would have melted!!!!!