Monday, February 11, 2013

Phase 2 Complete

OK I have been a totally slack blogger I know. I have a queue of posts in my head that I never seem to have time to write.  They are usually created while running or while nodding off to sleep.  Neither times are very convenient for conversion.

I finally caught up with PT 2 & had my first session last week.  After stalking the gym for a couple of weeks (PT 1 was full time on reception which made it a little awkward to tee up a meeting with PT 2 through PT 1), PT 2 was nowhere to be seen!!!  I figured he must have been on holidays; then I had a week of leave but ran into him the first night back at gym from holidays & asked him if he was interested in taking on any more PT clients.  

After joking that if the client was me he wasn't interested, he asked me to give him 5 minutes while he finished off with a client then came & had a chat with me.  He'll be together a weight program to do on days I'm not doing PT after he puts me through my paces (should get that this week) plus giving me homework to do each week.

He also wanted me to bring in a weeks worth of food consumption for him to have a look at which I've done.  First thing he said was to cut my OJ first thing (giving me a sugar spike) followed by coffee (dehydrating me), have a glass of water 1st thing out of bed & at least half of my regular breakfast within 1 hour of getting up.

My old routine was 5am alarm, 6am Juice, 6.30am coffee, 8am cereal fruit & yogurt.

New routine 5am alarm 5.10am water 5.45am - 6am 1/2 breakfast with the balance eaten by 8am.

The other thing he wanted to change was insert 10am & 4pm snacks.  I'm usually not hungry at 10am & have a cup of green tea.  I've reduced my cereal a little & am having a hard boiled egg or a handful of nuts.  Lunch  is usually at 12 & then I often don't eat until 8pm (forget or by the time I'm hungry it's too late as I'm on my way to gym!).  4pm snack is now a banana or handful of nuts.  This is supposed to keep my metabolism working which will burn fat & the protein feeds the muscles.  I'm already 1/2kg down!!

I had to set some goals:
Leaner: no more muffin top / clothes fit better
Stronger: improve upper body strength / better form & number of push ups / better posture & less issues with sitting at a desk all day at work
Fitter: better lung capacity for scuba / better running form/increase running speed &/or distance / better overall health
Calmer: improve stress & anxiety levels.

He said he can help with the first 3, wasn't sure about the 4th, but we are hoping that the first 3 will flow on & make me less anxious.  A good example would be scuba diving.  I get anxious when we dive in current that I'm not strong enough & will get left behind/carried away in the current.  Being physically stronger & improving my breathing should eliminate that.

The first session was good & reasonably challenging; it was designed to see at what point various muscles fatigue so he can see what my weak points are.  The guy has a degree in Bio-mechanic's & seems to know his shit & I feel really good about what I am doing.  This week I have 2 sessions so am sure I will be in a little more pain by Thursday; wish me luck!!!!!


Ute said...

I'd hate to think what that dude would say about my food if I took it in. :oS

Good on ya, mate. If I had half of your get up and go, perhaps half my fat would get up and go! ;o)

AlleyCat said...

LOL i guess we'd all be happy if there was a way to get our fat to get up & go!!!! But thank you!!!

Emile Buttocks said...

Coffee dehydrates you? I did not know that! I just joined a new gym and I am trying to get back into the workout habit. I guess I'll need to not drink coffee before my workouts on those days then. Thanks for the info!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Emile! I just did a little more research on whether caffeine dehydrates & it would appear that unless you drink a lot of it, this is not the case. I think my PT was more that after sleeping all night, you are slightly dehydrated & I should be substituting the juice & coffee for water until my metabolism is up & running!!!

Good luck with the new Gym! I'd never think to drink coffee before training!! I like it in the morning as part of my wake up ritual :0) For the moment though I'm going to leave it for weekends instead of everyday & see what happens!