Monday, February 18, 2013

Brrm Brrm Brrrm

Imagine my surprise when plumbing boy rocked into the office one day in December & announced he'd just bought me a new car!!!  He'd been talking about it for close to two years, so I really wasn't believing him.  We'd just had the air-con fixed in the old car after it not working for 12 months.  Fixed is probably a bit of an overstatement, as it depends upon what bump you've driven over as to how well it works.  

1 bump renders it not working at all, another bump will make it work on your feet only, another on the dash only, then another miraculous bump makes the whole lot work.  Yes, I know there is some sort of wiring issue going on.  So long as the windows still go up & down I can cope.  It's when the heating fails I get rather cranky.

True to his word, it arrived 13 days before Boxing Day.  You might think this is an odd number of days & day to remember this by: reason being, on the 14th day, I broke the new car.  

I had the family on board & we were in 1st gear slowly attempting to drive up my aunts driveway (they have a Pajero which fits).  Our car has 6 gears.  I was in first.  It stalls in second if you go too slow.  This hopefully gives you an idea of how slow I was going.  On my right hand side is a low brick fence & a massive hedge going up the driveway.  On the left, a garden bed & the letter box.

I can see the fence & hedge on my side, but all I can see is the top of the letter box on the passenger side.  Slowly I inch up till I feel some resistance.  Hang on I say to Dad, I think I'm in the garden bed on the left.  Dad sticks his head out the window & says yes, you're hard up against it.  I try to roll back, then reverse back but seem to be turning closer & closer towards the brick wall on my right.  Everything feels wrong.

I stop & ask Dad to get out & have a look as the steering wheel feels like not matter which way I turn it, the wheels are not following.  This in fact was true.  The tie rod arm to the steering had snapped underneath the car & the left wheel was pointing one way, the right pointing the other (both outwards).

I just felt sick.  How could this happen!  Plumbing Boy is gonna KILL ME!!!!!  First thing I do is call him.  He's not a happy camper, but keeps his temper in check.  We take photo's under the car of the damage (thanks Sis - my hands were too shaky to take clear pictures!) & email them to PB, who sends them on to the dealer who was actually open as they were having a boxing day sale.  

I didn't realize but the car comes with road side assist for the warranty period.  A tow truck arrived & with (far too much) help from all of us (traffic control & explaining to the driver he had to jack up the car & straighten up the busted wheel before attempting to winch it onto the tow truck) it was gone.  14 days.

2 weeks later we got it back.  It was fixed under warranty.  I'm still a little nervous about what else will break now & do not want to take it 4 wheel driving.  We are slowly making friends.  I've put on a few stickers on it & have started to make it feel like my car, you know, with all the assorted crap you usually have in your car, so hopefully it will kind to me from now on.

Now, you may be asking, where are the pictures!!!!  You'll have to wait until Ute publishes them which I'd imagine will be sometime soon :0)

But I can show you the rock & the broken bit!!!

The broken bit above & the rock below 
(it wasn't cemented in - my uncle has already taken out the front spoiler of his commodore on it)

without rock

Spoiler of car below.  If you look carefully on the outer top of the tyre as it disappears into the shade, you can see the mark the rock made, turn the wheel back 100 - 110 degrees & that was the position that I nudged the rock with on the outside of my tyre - I guess you could say I side swiped it.

Now, I just need to take some decent photo's of it & email them to Ute!!!!


Ute said...

Oh, thank Christ for that! I am so darn glad that you said, "Now, I just need to take some decent photos of it & email them to Ute!!!" 'Cos for a minute there, I thought I had gone senile.... "Cat sent me photos? WTF?! *dashes off to look in her Ute pic file....*"

I know how you feel... every single rattle, creak, squeak, you dread something will break or fall off. I've produced more grey hair these past few weeks with getting to know the new Uterous.
Hopefully you wont have anymore problems mate!

AlleyCat said...

Bahahahahahaha!!! sorry to give you a fright. And NO, haven't emailed them yet. Best be getting onto it!!!

Thanks Mate!! Me too!!!!!

Emile Buttocks said...

Oh wow, that car is so new the rims aren't even dirty in the underneath photo! That's NEW. And wow, that tie rod end is just SNAPPED. I mean, it's BENT and snapped. Wow! Just wow! I can totally sympathize. Who expects something like that to happen? Wow!

Chris H said...

I tried to kill my new car 3 days after I got it.
Instead I just killed some old man's car... totally killed his car!
And then I backed into our garage door, killing the back of me car AND the entire garage door.
I won't tell you about the third one... I'm keeping it to myself!

I hope you don't have 3 'accidents' with your new car!!!

AlleyCat said...

Emile!! yes, those rims were 14 days old. It wasn't registered when we bought it.

I just can't believe the bloody thing snapped. I wasn't like I ran over the rock & it went up underneath the car & smashed into the tie rod end!!! I just nudged the bloody rock on the outside of my tyre. I just hope thats the only problem & the whole things not a lemon!!!

AlleyCat said...

Oh Chris!!! you poor bugger. I kinda feel a bit better now :0)