Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Strikes #edited

Looks like PT1 solved my dilemma; received a text just now letting me know he's hurt his back & won't be able to make our session tonight (gave me 37 minutes notice).

I responded by saying "sorry to hear that. That's twice you've let me down with no notice + last week you forgot.  How about you refund the 7 remaining sessions & we call it square?"

Have I manned up enough?  No response yet.  

Anyhoo.  I'm off to do something at the gym.  Haven't done anything since Sunday.  I've kind of been put off running on the road in the evenings after seeing some serial dirt bike dude sexually assaulting chick runners in the northwestern suburbs in broad daylight on the news last night!

so he messages me back "if thats what you want to do, that's ok. i can refund the your balance & take it into the gym tomorrow morning & leave it in the safe to pick up from reception in case I'm not in when your in next or if you want to organize a time we're both at the gym its up to you.  talk soon. and sorry again."

I've just messaged him back saying I'll let him know tomorrow what I want to do, that I don't want to end things on a bad note, but want reliability.

My badass aint so manned up!!!!


Tully said...

Good work, that is definitely manning up. You shouldn't feel any guilt either because he sounds like a total flake. I hope you get your money back too!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Tully!! He did do 10 sessions straight without any problem so I can't too mean. Statistically he's sitting on 80% reliability....

I'm kinda inclined to tell him I want to use up all the sessions before I go on hols them move on; if he can't commit to that then go for the refund....