Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phase 2

After more deliberation I manned up & arranged the refund with PT 1.  Apparently he hadn't received my last two text messages when I showed up at the gym at the time I said I would on Sunday, if he wanted to talk (or to just pick up the refund from reception if he didn't want to see me).

He was actually on the desk at reception when I arrived, so we had a little chat.  Basically I said that I wasn't upset that he cancelled because he hurt his back or that his car broke down.  I was upset that he forgot our session, the last session before my 10km event.  That I wanted a PT who cared enough about his clients to remember when he had a session with them & remember when they had an event that was important to them; & that I wanted reliability.

It was really weird.  He didn't seem upset or contrite at all. He apologized  but seemed more amused at the situation than anything.  I guess like most confrontational things I had built it up to be more than it actually was.  I feel he was quite flippant about it all!

I do feel quite liberated though.  I'm going to continue  working towards or going after things I actually want this year rather than worrying so much about doing the right thing by other people to my own detriment.

Strangely he also said that since he'd last seen me he'd run into financial difficulty (uh oh, was my first thought, there goes my refund) & will be giving up personal training for a while.  Which I thought was odd, surely any extra money would help!  Then figured he must have got a higher paying job perhaps, as I know he was working a few part time jobs.

I went in as arranged on Tuesday to pick up my refund & he was working reception again (& again last night - guess he's taken a full time desk job at the gym - Joy!) & he was almost like he didn't recognize me, then he was like, oh yeah, OK, I almost forgot, but I did remember just before I left this morning, oh yeah, here it is (as he had the other girl on the desk pass him an envelope with my name on it).

Strange is all I can say.

I'm still yet to run into PT 2 & ask him if he'll take me on (phase 2).  I glimpsed him yesterday, but he was with a client when I arrived & by the time I finished on the tready I couldn't find him.  Did a few weights & stretches keeping an eye out, but guess he'd gone.  If I don't run into him by early next week, I'll have to get his number from reception; hopefully when PT1 isn't manning the desk.  That would just be too URGH.

Black Cat Trek is a goer!!!  Deposits paid.  Boots purchased with Christmas $$$.  Scuse the dorky hiking socks.

I wore them out & about on Sunday for 5 hours & for the past 3 days at work (12 hours each day) with no problem so am confident they will be OK.  The guy in the store I bought them from was fairly confident it would only take me a week to wear them in as the fit was good & I don't have any feet anomalies!  

I was dead set on a pair of Merrells, but there were none to be had in Melbourne (not much stock & very limited sizes).  I was keen on a pair of grey Scarpa's (Plumbing Boy got Scarpa's) with purple detail, but the Asolo's were a much better fit.  And it's all about the fit & no blisters!!!!!  

I also got one pair of socks & a pair of thin liners which I haven't tried yet.  I've been wearing them with medium regular socks of my own.  Got my Chinese work boots on today (thongs) as it's going to be 39deg here apparently!  

A couple more pic's; me post swim the night before the fun run @ Killarney - it was so still & the water so flat & calm - just beautiful!  Sis & I attempting to take a decent photo to send to our cuz with birthday greetings; campfire from new years.

Speaking of fires, hope you all stay safe today, the February Dragon season is well on us!


Anonymous said...

those are the ugliest shoes i have ever seen

glad they are for crunching tracks and not for a night out... although they would be comfortable for an all nighter :)

Ute said...

Glad you got your refund back without too much hassle. What a dick! Him, not you!

Ugh, don't fkn remind me about February. January has been bad enough.
We got 42 today. Joy. :(

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Dog3oy - they are pretty fugly aren't they!!!!! I'd prolly wear my converse sneakers or doc's for an alnighter!!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Ute! Have you read the february dragon??

Memphis Steve said...

After I laid off my personal trainer he quit training and became a car salesman. I don't know that it pays all that well to train people, but a lot of trainers say they enjoy it despite not making a lot of money.

My wife has a pair of boots that look exactly like yours!

AlleyCat said...

Memphis - we must be "PT wreckers"! LOL. YOu are right, I don't think they are paid very well, unless they are so good at what they do they are always in demand. I guess when times are tough, those are the sort of services that lose out.

Your wife must have similar feet to me :0) coz i'm sure she didn't pick them because they are pretty, stylish or fashionable!!!!!!!!!

Memphis Steve said...

My wife has never been one for stylish or fashionable shoes, but she loves to hike.

AlleyCat said...

Steve. are you saying your wife has bad taste in shoes!!!! I have to admit I'm more of a funky flat than stiletto heel kinda chick.

I'm pretty new to this "hiking" caper. We used to go bush walking with the family as kids........

Chris H said...

Your ex-PT was just rude.
I hope your new one is nicer.
Love the camp fire.