Thursday, January 17, 2013

Phase 2

After more deliberation I manned up & arranged the refund with PT 1.  Apparently he hadn't received my last two text messages when I showed up at the gym at the time I said I would on Sunday, if he wanted to talk (or to just pick up the refund from reception if he didn't want to see me).

He was actually on the desk at reception when I arrived, so we had a little chat.  Basically I said that I wasn't upset that he cancelled because he hurt his back or that his car broke down.  I was upset that he forgot our session, the last session before my 10km event.  That I wanted a PT who cared enough about his clients to remember when he had a session with them & remember when they had an event that was important to them; & that I wanted reliability.

It was really weird.  He didn't seem upset or contrite at all. He apologized  but seemed more amused at the situation than anything.  I guess like most confrontational things I had built it up to be more than it actually was.  I feel he was quite flippant about it all!

I do feel quite liberated though.  I'm going to continue  working towards or going after things I actually want this year rather than worrying so much about doing the right thing by other people to my own detriment.

Strangely he also said that since he'd last seen me he'd run into financial difficulty (uh oh, was my first thought, there goes my refund) & will be giving up personal training for a while.  Which I thought was odd, surely any extra money would help!  Then figured he must have got a higher paying job perhaps, as I know he was working a few part time jobs.

I went in as arranged on Tuesday to pick up my refund & he was working reception again (& again last night - guess he's taken a full time desk job at the gym - Joy!) & he was almost like he didn't recognize me, then he was like, oh yeah, OK, I almost forgot, but I did remember just before I left this morning, oh yeah, here it is (as he had the other girl on the desk pass him an envelope with my name on it).

Strange is all I can say.

I'm still yet to run into PT 2 & ask him if he'll take me on (phase 2).  I glimpsed him yesterday, but he was with a client when I arrived & by the time I finished on the tready I couldn't find him.  Did a few weights & stretches keeping an eye out, but guess he'd gone.  If I don't run into him by early next week, I'll have to get his number from reception; hopefully when PT1 isn't manning the desk.  That would just be too URGH.

Black Cat Trek is a goer!!!  Deposits paid.  Boots purchased with Christmas $$$.  Scuse the dorky hiking socks.

I wore them out & about on Sunday for 5 hours & for the past 3 days at work (12 hours each day) with no problem so am confident they will be OK.  The guy in the store I bought them from was fairly confident it would only take me a week to wear them in as the fit was good & I don't have any feet anomalies!  

I was dead set on a pair of Merrells, but there were none to be had in Melbourne (not much stock & very limited sizes).  I was keen on a pair of grey Scarpa's (Plumbing Boy got Scarpa's) with purple detail, but the Asolo's were a much better fit.  And it's all about the fit & no blisters!!!!!  

I also got one pair of socks & a pair of thin liners which I haven't tried yet.  I've been wearing them with medium regular socks of my own.  Got my Chinese work boots on today (thongs) as it's going to be 39deg here apparently!  

A couple more pic's; me post swim the night before the fun run @ Killarney - it was so still & the water so flat & calm - just beautiful!  Sis & I attempting to take a decent photo to send to our cuz with birthday greetings; campfire from new years.

Speaking of fires, hope you all stay safe today, the February Dragon season is well on us!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm playing along too:

Three names I
  go by
Three Places I
East Framlingham
Three places I worked
Taco Bills
Rochester Castle Hotel
Squizzy Taylors Hotel
Three things I love to watch:
Anything Vampirish
Lightning storms
A stormy Ocean
Three places I  have been:      
Flinders Island
Port Douglas
Boracay Island
Three people
  that email me regularly:
Three things I
  love to eat:
Samboy BBQ Chips
Three people I think will respond   


Three things I
  am looking forward to
Week off end of Jan
Friday night with miss D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three Strikes #edited

Looks like PT1 solved my dilemma; received a text just now letting me know he's hurt his back & won't be able to make our session tonight (gave me 37 minutes notice).

I responded by saying "sorry to hear that. That's twice you've let me down with no notice + last week you forgot.  How about you refund the 7 remaining sessions & we call it square?"

Have I manned up enough?  No response yet.  

Anyhoo.  I'm off to do something at the gym.  Haven't done anything since Sunday.  I've kind of been put off running on the road in the evenings after seeing some serial dirt bike dude sexually assaulting chick runners in the northwestern suburbs in broad daylight on the news last night!

so he messages me back "if thats what you want to do, that's ok. i can refund the your balance & take it into the gym tomorrow morning & leave it in the safe to pick up from reception in case I'm not in when your in next or if you want to organize a time we're both at the gym its up to you.  talk soon. and sorry again."

I've just messaged him back saying I'll let him know tomorrow what I want to do, that I don't want to end things on a bad note, but want reliability.

My badass aint so manned up!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Race Report

As I awoke to my alarm going off @ 6.30am, Tess was already up!  My sis roused her step daughter (who’s Dad commented "it’s a miracle!  I can’t believe they’re all out of bed so early"!)  In support of my 10km run, my sis had entered Tess (13) & Charlotte (11) in the 6km run & she’d entered the 6km walk as had Mum & Dad.  Tess & Charlotte hadn't participated in a fun run before & nerves were starting to show!

We attached our timing tags to our shoes; fussed with our apparel (the girls running in their new over sized fun run t shirts, me in my usual running attire), hair, hats & sweat resistant sunscreen. Sis was walking as part of her work team & had to be down in front of the sewage pump station in the middle of Lake Pertobe at 7.50am – who knew that’s what that building was for! – for a team photo.

 waiting for sis's work mates

Photos taken, pre-race briefing done & warm up lead by the local cross fit mob completed, I lined up for the 10km starting @ 8.30am (followed by the 6km run @ 8.45am, 6km walk at 9am & 3km run around the lake).  As I was waiting towards the back of the starting chute, an announcement was made that there were 60, 55, 50 & 45 minute pacers running the race today & would be easily identified by their yellow safety vests with their time on their backs; and if we wanted to attempt any of those particular times to stick with the pacer & learn from them.

Straight away I saw Mr 60 minute pacer to my left & decided to try & stick with him.  Finally Steve Moneghetti did the countdown & we were off.  The first hill up Pertobe Road wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I found the first 3kms were the hardest to keep up with Mr 60 minutes.  

I actually donated the 2nd Hill to you Ute as it was in Lava Street.  Knowing your love of all things hot I thought it fitting.  It was a bloody roller coaster with 3 small hills & they were all killers!!  

Cinders kept me going up the 3rd Hill on Bostock Street where I started to settle into the run nicely & was at times running ahead of Mr 60 minutes, then he’d overtake me again then I’d over take him again so on & so forth.  

There as a lovely resident half way up hill 4 with his hose out & was spraying anyone who wanted it, I of course ran straight towards him & had a nice cool down!!

The next few hills I donated to Miss D & AM (AM went for a run in zero degrees C in Canada on the day in support!) although didn't find them as bad as I'd anticipated.  I actually powered up the 2nd Hickford pde hill – figured I’d rather be over the other side sooner than later which surprised me.  At around the 7km mark Mr 60 minutes said to me “good job, keep it up, come on, let’s go!” So I said OK, gave him a grin & 2 thumbs up & sped up making sure I ran through a sprinkler someone had conveniently running on their front nature strip.

Thank God C chose that last hill with her Cheerleaders outfit because I needed those pom poms & chant to get me up it!!!  I actually had you cheering me the rest of the way home C!  You were doing flips & splits too!!!

Back up the main street, past the arts centre, up cannon hill & back down Pertobe road to the finish line!  Plumbing Boy cheered me down the finishing chute & I crossed the line with an official time of 58.31 & a net time of 58 minutes.  No idea what the difference is supposed to be but it was a personal best for me!!!  My previous best was 62.05!!  I really didn't think I’d get under 60 minutes considering I hadn't yet been able to do so yet on the flat & this run had lots of hills!!!!  I waited up the back of the finishing chute for Mr 60 minutes & gave him my thanks & he wanted to know my times & previous best & congratulated me which was sweet.  I would not have achieved this result without him, that’s for sure.

Had my timing tag removed my one of the lovely volunteers; chugged down some water, sucked on a couple of orange quarters & went off to find the rest of the family.  Tess & Charlotte had finished within a minute of each other; Charlotte was waiting in the arranged meeting place & we cheered sis over the finish line.  Went & found Tess who was waiting for to cheer “Grandma & Grandpa” home!  Dad came in ahead of Mum – he’s in serious training for the Black Cat Trek so wanted to push.  Mum has asthma so came in towards the back of the walkers taking it easy & didn't manage to work up much of a sweat, but was happy to have participated!

us clowning around post race

We stayed for the presentations hoping to win one of the 10 x spot $200-00 Mizuno shoe voucher prizes, but no such luck, then wandered up the street for brunch.  All in all it was a good event.  My right knee was a bit sore on & off (hills mainly) & was sore Monday (iced it).  Went for a massage Monday night to help release all those trigger point tension spots which certainly did the job & it’s not sore at all this morning.

I managed to make the local paper’s online gallery – me running next to Mr 60 minutes.  - sorry, you have to scroll through to slide 46..... The official fun run pictures aren't up yet so we may yet have some action shots of the family!

Don't have another fun run planned at this stage.  I think I'll take a week off & then it will be time to get training for the Black Cat Trek!!!!!  Stay tuned!

Monday, January 7, 2013

How to break up with your....

How do you break up with your personal trainer???

Last year my gym had a deal on cheap PT sessions.  I signed up for a 10 pack & was quite happy.  I was allocated a young bloke (still on P plates).  Just out of his course I'd imagine; positives were he was keen, up to date with current training, not distracting (as in skinny short kid).  His car broke down Christmas week & he messaged me right on 4.30pm (allocated time) to say his car had broken down.  Being a bit of a softie I didn't give it another thought.  Although I guess his car should have broken down 15 - 30 minutes earlier than that if he'd planned to arrive on time.

This week he was a no show.  Reception called him & I spoke with him on the phone.  Apparently he'd forgotten.  Strangely we'd been doing sessions at 6pm Wednesday nights for the past 12 weeks (excluding the week before).  Hmmm.

I was a little bit annoyed, but wandered off into the weights area to do stuff on my own.  I'd just squeezed out 4.5kms on the tready & it was my last work out planned before the Warrnambool 10km.

I'd managed to do a 3 sets of weighted calf pumps & quad whatervers when the PT who'd been at reception when I'd spoken to my PT (PT1) came & found me & asked me if I still wanted to train.  Of course I said yes, without thinking about the fact that I probably needed to pay him!

He was really really good!  A lot more challenging that PT1 & I think a lot more knowledgeable   He noticed right away that my right hip is tight & not quite right.  Although maybe it is obvious to someone with a lot of experience.  I had a fantastic session & he spent quite a bit of time at the end stretching out my legs & hips trying to figure out which muscles are the offending ones.  I've seen Chiro's, Osteo's, Physio's & various massage people & I recon PT2 was more on to it than they have all been.  But I guess he's had the advantage of seeing me in motion.  

I asked him what I owed him at the end of the session hoping I had enough cash in my emergency gym bag stash & car stash to cover it, but he said nothing, that he didn't have a client at the time & was there to work & clearly I wanted to train so he didn't mind doing it & didn't expect anything for it.

Now comes my dilemma   How do I switch to PT 2?  I've still got 7 paid sessions with PT1 to go & am thinking of going twice weekly til the end of Jan to use them up, & then we're on holidays for the last week Jan/first week Feb.  But I'd still have one session left.  

Both work in the same gym & I'm bound to run into PT1 doing a session with PT2.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so sensitive? about such things.  Any advice???  I guess I'm kind of hoping PT1 might pike again on me giving me more than good reason to discontinue with him & ask for a refund on the remaining sessions.

I suppose I'll just have to wait & see.  PT2 wanted to know how I went with the Warrnambool run so I will run into him at the gym.  Maybe I'll have a chat with him about it....

I'm not sure how cut throat the PT's at my gym are & maybe the free session was a ploy for PT 2 to pick up more work; or maybe he's genuine & it was what it was.  Arggg.  I guess time will tell!!!

Any advice welcome!!!!!