Friday, December 7, 2012


It has been a long week!  13 hour days at my desk Ugh.  Work has exploded (every man & dog requiring stuff done before festivus); a new staff member (lost half day on induction & associated stuff) & now we have a man cold in da house.  Is it possible to snore & cough at the same time? Yep I'm a little tuckered.

Training schedule has fallen behind.  Had a sore knee after last Friday morning's run so didn't do the 7km planned for last weekend & work kicked me til Wednesday night's PT whereby I did the hill tready run first.  This morning I just couldn't get up (& run).  I'm gonna try to hit the gym & tready tonight before our work Christmas Party.  Ambitious?  Yeah.   We'll see.

Not much else happening on the western front.  The next few weeks are jam packed with social stuff & my liver is quaking already.  Best I get on with some water & get back to work.

Have a great Friday peeps!


Ute said...

We've come down with some sort of lurgy here, too. I hate colds in Summer. The flies get up your nostrils when they're all runny.

AlleyCat said...

Oh dear.........nothin' worse than a blowie stuck in ya snot!!!!

Memphis Steve said...

Well you've run 7 km which is 7 km more than I've run in the past 2 months.

Movies on my Mind said...

7k run? In this weather? No thanks.