Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Hill Time

Hope you've all survived the Christmas period & eaten your body weight in your favorite foods!  I know I've been in a bit of a food coma with plenty of savory & sweet treats on the menu.  I sent the last of the lollies & chocolates home with my sister for her other half & the kids to eat Thursday; & Mum & Dad anything else on Saturday.  I'm hoping the extra kg I gained will have disappeared shortly.

Speaking of my sister, she's kindly drawn in the hills in ORANGE on the above map.  This is the 10km route I'll be running on Sunday (green is downhill, purple is the actual route, red arrows tell me what direction I'm supposed to run).  Weather forecast is for 23 deg C thank GOD!  Earlier in the week Dad said the long range forecast was for 40 deg C!

So.  What I want you to do (PLEASE!) is pick a hill.  Then I'm going to imagine you in my head, all the way up that hill cheering me on (or more likely swearing at me to move my bloody arse)!

The first one is not marked in because I knew it was there & I get to run back down it on the way back & was thinking of channeling the Anzac Spirit for that one!

1. Pertobe Road (Anzac's - AKA harden up princess hill)
2. Lava St Hill
3. Bostock Street Hill - Cinders
4. Otway Road Hill
5. Hickford Pde Hill (smaller)
6. Hickford Pde Hill (bigger mother you know what)
7. Belmore Rd Hill
8. Nicholson Street Hill - C

First in n all.  

Feel free to add in your choice encouraging words & or tune.  

I'm not sure I'll be aiming for a particular time as I won't have run so many hills before.  I'm just aiming to finish without injury & not come last.  My watch went flat & I'm not sure I'll be able to get the battery replaced by the weekend as it's waterproof.  I'll have to estimate by tunes.  Under 60 minutes would be awesome but extremely unlikely.  I ran a slow 10km Christmas morning (was only meant to do 8km, but it was nice out & I had the streets to myself) in 63 mins.  I ran the same 10km in 1.13.? in March so anything between 60 & 70 minutes will do me.

Wish me luck.  Those hills look scary.  Mainly the looooong Hickford Pde big un.  Breath!!!!!!

Oh.  And............ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you have a good night or a good sleep where ever you may be.  Be safe OK!!!



Cinders said...

Good luck with those hills.. I'll take Hill No. 3 thanks. Happy New Year and catch up soon - maybe early Feb xx

Chris H said...

Good luck! and HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope you have a wonderful 2013.

C said...

Oh my, those hills do look scary... You will rock it though, you have trained hard and you are prepared.

I'll take the last hill, so you can be cursing me as you are nearing the finish line!!! I'll be wearing a cheerleader costume and chanting "Go Cat Go!".

OK, I hope the idea of me jumping about in a cheerleader outfit doesn't give you the giggles while you are running now...

Good luck and have fun! :-)


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris & Happy New Year to you!!!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Clarissa!! I love the idea of you in a Cheerleaders costume chanting!!!! I may indeed giggle, but only coz because I'll be having an internal conversation with you in my head LOL!!!!