Monday, December 17, 2012


People often ask me how I go working with my other half.  My usual response is not without challenges.  Like everything in life I guess some days are good; other days not so good.  Today has been one of the later.  I swear if he was my child I'd have sent him to his room for an attitude adjustment by now.

On the upside I've have 2 most excellent compliments from one of my co-workers.  He hadn't heard or seen Mr Attitude yet today, so they weren't sympathy compliments.

The first compliment was about running your own business; he basically said that if I can do it, he can too.  "Not that I don't admire & respect (plumbing boy) but you're a lot more normal than he is.  You have a life, go out with your friends, go to the gym, have a heart.  If you can cope with it all then I recon I can do it".  I'm just happy he thinks I'm normal!!!!

The second revolved around our Christmas Party; a couple of the guys (28yo & 25yo) had made comments that I had though quite socially inappropriate (they were both sober mind you) at our Christmas Party.  I guess I called both of them on each comment.  I usually don't get involved, but one guy was going on about shooting people as though it were a joke & considering what happened in America over the past couple of days, I recon he'd he'd have been slapped/decked if he made the same comment now.  The other comment was not quite racist, but more about inciting violence rather than avoiding it.  My co-worker went back to his mates & asked them what they thought about what was said & he actually went back to both these co-workers & reinforced what I had said as he thought they were both extremely in appropriate too.  Interesting.  

So.  While the boss has gotten me down a bit today, my co-worker has cheered me up & I need to remember that I have the power to decide whether other peoples positive &/or negative attitudes affect me or not.  I guess today is one of those days where you decide the boss can (insert appropriate sentence here) himself!!!  There.  I feel much better already!

What do you do when the boss gives you the shits?????

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Ute said...

I guess I'm the boss, seeing I don't if I give myself the shits, I sulk and feel sorry for myself. :(