Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Hill Time

Hope you've all survived the Christmas period & eaten your body weight in your favorite foods!  I know I've been in a bit of a food coma with plenty of savory & sweet treats on the menu.  I sent the last of the lollies & chocolates home with my sister for her other half & the kids to eat Thursday; & Mum & Dad anything else on Saturday.  I'm hoping the extra kg I gained will have disappeared shortly.

Speaking of my sister, she's kindly drawn in the hills in ORANGE on the above map.  This is the 10km route I'll be running on Sunday (green is downhill, purple is the actual route, red arrows tell me what direction I'm supposed to run).  Weather forecast is for 23 deg C thank GOD!  Earlier in the week Dad said the long range forecast was for 40 deg C!

So.  What I want you to do (PLEASE!) is pick a hill.  Then I'm going to imagine you in my head, all the way up that hill cheering me on (or more likely swearing at me to move my bloody arse)!

The first one is not marked in because I knew it was there & I get to run back down it on the way back & was thinking of channeling the Anzac Spirit for that one!

1. Pertobe Road (Anzac's - AKA harden up princess hill)
2. Lava St Hill
3. Bostock Street Hill - Cinders
4. Otway Road Hill
5. Hickford Pde Hill (smaller)
6. Hickford Pde Hill (bigger mother you know what)
7. Belmore Rd Hill
8. Nicholson Street Hill - C

First in n all.  

Feel free to add in your choice encouraging words & or tune.  

I'm not sure I'll be aiming for a particular time as I won't have run so many hills before.  I'm just aiming to finish without injury & not come last.  My watch went flat & I'm not sure I'll be able to get the battery replaced by the weekend as it's waterproof.  I'll have to estimate by tunes.  Under 60 minutes would be awesome but extremely unlikely.  I ran a slow 10km Christmas morning (was only meant to do 8km, but it was nice out & I had the streets to myself) in 63 mins.  I ran the same 10km in 1.13.? in March so anything between 60 & 70 minutes will do me.

Wish me luck.  Those hills look scary.  Mainly the looooong Hickford Pde big un.  Breath!!!!!!

Oh.  And............ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you have a good night or a good sleep where ever you may be.  Be safe OK!!!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Wishing you all a safe & happy Christmas!!!!

I'm gonna get all sappy & ask you to be kind to yourself & those you love.  Christmas can be a horribly stressful, sad & lonely time for many people.  Where ever you are I hope that you find some comfort, happiness & joy in the little things.

Take Care xoxo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting there

Early last week I felt like there was no way I was going to be able to do this upcoming 10km.  After driving the course on Saturday, I'm dreading the hills & thinking I need to revise my estimated completion time.  I'm running a week behind in longer runs & had knee soreness over the past couple of weeks which meant I only did 2 runs weeks beginning 26/11 & 3/12 (instead of the scheduled 3).

Then last week, I managed 7.5 on the beach in Warrnambool Saturday (rather than attempting to do the 8km planned on the course on the road) then 8km 2 days later on the road Monday night without knee soreness.  I'm feeling better about it all!!  I think I need to slow down & aim for completing the training runs without causing injury rather trying to improve speed.  Maybe I'm just not meant to be a 10km runner.  And I'm still not sure about the course hills as I don't know if that 4km section will be run clockwise or anti clockwise!!!!!

I also went horse riding last Thursday with a mate for her delayed 40th birthday present (she had a baby) which was awesome & I'll do a proper blog post about that later which rendered me quite sore afterwards, so even more amazed I managed Saturday's run.  

The boss has pulled his cranky head in thank goodness.  My office assistant said he was a shocker on Thursday when I was off horse riding.  Perhaps that was the cause of said crankiness!!!  It's not like he hasn't had lots of Friday afternoons off this year to go camping & dirt bike riding LOL!

Anyhoo.  While I'm not really feeling the Christmas thing this year, I'm definitely looking forward to a few days out of the office.  I still have a long list of jobs that need doing out in the yard, but will be good to get out from behind my desk.

Watch out on the road peeps - its feral out there at the moment!

Monday, December 17, 2012


People often ask me how I go working with my other half.  My usual response is not without challenges.  Like everything in life I guess some days are good; other days not so good.  Today has been one of the later.  I swear if he was my child I'd have sent him to his room for an attitude adjustment by now.

On the upside I've have 2 most excellent compliments from one of my co-workers.  He hadn't heard or seen Mr Attitude yet today, so they weren't sympathy compliments.

The first compliment was about running your own business; he basically said that if I can do it, he can too.  "Not that I don't admire & respect (plumbing boy) but you're a lot more normal than he is.  You have a life, go out with your friends, go to the gym, have a heart.  If you can cope with it all then I recon I can do it".  I'm just happy he thinks I'm normal!!!!

The second revolved around our Christmas Party; a couple of the guys (28yo & 25yo) had made comments that I had though quite socially inappropriate (they were both sober mind you) at our Christmas Party.  I guess I called both of them on each comment.  I usually don't get involved, but one guy was going on about shooting people as though it were a joke & considering what happened in America over the past couple of days, I recon he'd he'd have been slapped/decked if he made the same comment now.  The other comment was not quite racist, but more about inciting violence rather than avoiding it.  My co-worker went back to his mates & asked them what they thought about what was said & he actually went back to both these co-workers & reinforced what I had said as he thought they were both extremely in appropriate too.  Interesting.  

So.  While the boss has gotten me down a bit today, my co-worker has cheered me up & I need to remember that I have the power to decide whether other peoples positive &/or negative attitudes affect me or not.  I guess today is one of those days where you decide the boss can (insert appropriate sentence here) himself!!!  There.  I feel much better already!

What do you do when the boss gives you the shits?????

Monday, December 10, 2012


I wrote this two weeks ago & forgot to publish it!

It's pretty much my 1st year anniversary of road running without injury!  I started in spring 2011 (August) when I signed up for the Up&Running 10km course.  A couple of injuries later I couldn't do the formal run I'd signed up for nor did I complete the 10km training program properly (sorry Shauna & Julia!).  Reality was my body wasn't ready for it.  

While I could run 5kms (& further) easily on a treadmill, running on natural (or concrete, asphalt etc) ground makes your body work harder & I didn't factor in the time it would take for my body to adjust.  I worked with my physio & gradually built up the kms & ran a virtual 10km in January this year.  I also had to do a heap of very specific glute activation exercises.  Who knew not only were my glutes weak, they were also lazy buggers.  Especially the one on the right LOL!.

I now have a year of running stats - times, distances etc to compare.  I'm definitely getting faster.  I'm definitely getting stronger.  That is definitely due to the weekly 30 minute PT session I've been doing.  Even Mr PT notices one leg is stronger than the other.  We always work the lazy leg first.  Slowly it's catching up.  This would explain why I am right handed yet left footed.  My lower right side has been cactus since forever it would seem.

Sorry.  Sidetracked.  So Happy Anniversary to me!  I recon it must be time for a new pair of runners - I have 2 pair now & alternate, the older shoe has done almost 500kms.  Too many to choose from!  I think I'll wait til after Christmas then hopefully pick some up on sale.

Friday, December 7, 2012


It has been a long week!  13 hour days at my desk Ugh.  Work has exploded (every man & dog requiring stuff done before festivus); a new staff member (lost half day on induction & associated stuff) & now we have a man cold in da house.  Is it possible to snore & cough at the same time? Yep I'm a little tuckered.

Training schedule has fallen behind.  Had a sore knee after last Friday morning's run so didn't do the 7km planned for last weekend & work kicked me til Wednesday night's PT whereby I did the hill tready run first.  This morning I just couldn't get up (& run).  I'm gonna try to hit the gym & tready tonight before our work Christmas Party.  Ambitious?  Yeah.   We'll see.

Not much else happening on the western front.  The next few weeks are jam packed with social stuff & my liver is quaking already.  Best I get on with some water & get back to work.

Have a great Friday peeps!