Friday, November 2, 2012

No Title

Was gonna use last weeks' title again! TGIF!  This week for some reason has gone forever.  Went out for dinner mid week (MIL's 88th birthday) & got home quite late which probably was the culprit.  Need my sleep.

MIL had decided to give up driving on her birthday, not sure whether that has eventuated or not.  Earlier in the week she mentioned on the phone to me that she's been out for lunch on 1 occasion & taken for a drive on another occasion the EX she has a modified restraining order against.  Shakes head.  Apparently on both occasions he asked if he could come home.  She said she has (other) DIL living with her & looking after her as she's not well enough to look after herself, so there is no possible way she could look after him.

She's a better woman than I.  She feels sorry for him & worries about him being all alone in the nursing home & is now blaming his family for putting him somewhere where there is "nothing to keep him alive".  Apparently no activities.  I did point out that they (& she) tried to get him into various places (which did have lots of activities), but he wasn't interested so you can hardly blame them.  But she's elderly & has short term memory issues as it is, asides the selective memory factor!

Dinner went well though; Chinese in the burbs.  MIL & other DIL had battered sweet & sour scallops.  I'm a bit of a food snob I spose & I shudder just thinking about the concept, so apologies in advance if you're thinking YUM!  Yuk Yuk Yuk!  I'm all for the concept of sweet & sour, but that usually involves salt to: not that pink sauce! 

Plumbing boy & I shared a sizzle platter of chili beef n veg, dry fried salted calamari & some garlicy greens.  I had a side of hot chili sauce.  At some point I must have gotten the chili on my finger then touched the side of my nose which in turn made said snoz unbearably itchy & everyone was laughing at me while I rubbed & scratched!!!

Ran a PB time this morning: 5.5km @ 29.59 mins.  Previous PB was last week @ 30.10mins.  I'd been getting a little disheartened as I though my previous PB was 29.30 ish, but that was at 4.5kms!  I got very excited when I realized I've actually been shaving time off for the past couple of weeks.  That renewed my enthusiasm for the upcoming 6km.  While there may be a hill or 2, the time shouldn't be too awful.  So long as I finish it & don't come last I don't care!!!

Registered & paid for the 10km Warrnambool SurfTSurf January 6th which is 10 weeks away already!  Have drafted up a bit of a training schedule, but not quite sure the best way to structure it.  Will put it up on the running page next week so you can make sure I'm doing my training!!!

Off to see the lovely Miss D tomorrow night.  She has a big back yard with grass & trees & I'm hoping the weather will be fine enough for me to lay out in the sunshine & feel the grass on bare skin!  I actually got sunburned last weekend - the sun was hot at 10am so I put sunscreen on my face so all good.  The scoop of my tee was neglected however & went bright red (all faded now & no peel), so I will be double applying the sunscreen before going out in said sun. 

K.  I'd better get back to work.  Have a great weekend where ever you are.  If you are in Melbs & heading to the races, hope you back a winner; or at enjoy a day out!   


Ute said...

Mmmm, yummeh. Love me some chinese.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, stay sun safe.


Memphis Steve said...

You're running faster than me. I haven't run in .... since my last race. It's been a long time.