Friday, November 30, 2012

Imagine my Surprise.........

Went for a run last Friday morning (this is how busy I've been that I'm blogging it a week later), first 6.5km in a while.  It was pitch black when I set out, but by the last km before home, it was quite light.  I was cruising along with the end almost in sight, when a motorist started to pull over next to me.  A middle aged bloke, winding down his window, a little creepy.  I took out an ear bud as he was gesturing & speaking, to hear him saying to me "watch out, there is a naked boy ahead.  Someone should call the police".  Ah, OK, I say as he drives off.

I look up ahead, but can't see anything & continue along pondering a naked little kid in a front yard somewhere up ahead.  About 200 metres later, I clock him.  Taller than me, I'd say around 6 feet.  Butt naked.  I go to cross the street, but he beats me to it.  I stay on my side wondering what to do.  He's not staggering, but looks to be a little wonky.  He crosses back to my side, then back to the other side.  This street is a main thoroughfare, with 2 lanes of traffic each way, with clearways during peak hour.  The buses have started too.  I decided that it might be a good idea to call 000.  

While on the phone to the police dispatch person, naked man crosses again & starts walking back towards me.  Uh Oh.  I walk down a side street & duck into the car parking spaces behind a block of 4 units to continue my call.  Probably not the smartest place to hide as if he'd come around the corner & spotted me, I didn't really have anywhere to go.  I'd have to hope the people in the units were home & come to my rescue!  Ooops.

Dispatch asked me if he looked drug or alcohol affected - my response was "I'm not getting close enough to be able to answer that question".  They also asked me if he had a weapon.  "None that I could see" was my response.  The only time I saw him front on he had his hands cupping his wobbly bits!  I'm pretty sure he wasn't carrying any sort of weapon!!!

He could have been anywhere between 16 & 30, judging by his skin - didn't look old & crinkly anyway.  Had his head down & lots of dark shaggy hair, so I couldn't see his face.  He didn't seem to be battered, bruised or bleeding; I was more concerned that he'd get hit by a bus of car as he really wasn't paying much attention to the traffic.  I don't think he'd been accidentally locked out of the house in the nude if you get what I mean!!!

I asked dispatch if they wanted me to hang around, the guy said no, keep on my way & stay safe - I'd explained I'd been running.  I carefully peeked back out onto the street & naked guy had crossed back again & was heading away from me.  So I took off back down the side street & took the back streets home.  A taxi had actually pulled into the side street & done a u turn & headed towards naked guy as I left so maybe the cabbie was going to check on him.

I was almost home when my phone rang.  It was the local constabulary.  The policeman said to me laughing, "So, you've reported a naked man..." ah, yes.  So I explained the whole situation again how the motorist had initially flagged me down while running etc.  The  policeman was in stitches & said they'd send a car straight away.  I haven't heard any more since then.  Nothing on the news or local paper about it, so I hope they found him & returned him safely home!

It makes for a funny story to tell, but at the end of the day he's still someone's son & it would have been awful if he'd been hurt!  When I come home from my morning runs I usually give Plumbing Boy stats of what I saw - usually 1 cat, no dogs, old walking guy, lots of snails.  Now I'm adding in NO Naked peeps (or calls to 000)!

PS Ute - your EMU reminded me to blog this!!!!!!!


Ute said...

His willy could be a weapon. :)

How the heck did the Emu remind you of THAT?! HAHAHAHA!!!

Tully said...

See, this is exactly why I don't run, it's a dangerous sport!

Wow, what a thing to come face-to-face with so early in the morning. I wonder what was going on? Hopefully it was just a guy suffering from too much alcohol the night before! Ate least he was cupping his manhood, obviously he had some sense left.

Good on your for calling for help. I always think the same thing when I see someone behaving badly, that is someone's child and even though they are not behaving well, they still need help.

AlleyCat said...

LOL Ute - things in streets where they shouldn't be is how your emu reminded me!!!

Tully - LOL yes, very dangerous. That was the first time I've ever called 000. I'll definitely be more confident/comfortable should I have to do it again! Yeah, I hope he's recovered OK & wasn't too upset about (hopefully) being picked up by the police!

Cinders said...

Where do you think he could've been hiding a weapon? Glad it wasn't any more serious.

Epic Fail said...

See, all the running I've done over the years and I've never yet encountered a naked girl who could've been between 16-30. This seems so unfair!

Anyway, I hope he got off the street and got some clothes. If he was covering up then it sounds like he didn't want to be outside naked, but was a bit messed up. No telling. Maybe his girlfriend's father came in and chased him off in the middle of something and he was looking for that taxi?

AlleyCat said...

@ Cinders - no idea!!!! :0)

@ Epic - maybe his girlfriend's dad decked him & I couldn't see the bruise which explains the wonkiness being down to concussion!!!