Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Results are in!  

Official time is 35:39 & I came in @ 1,597 out of approximately 4,500 runners in the 6km event.  Results were emailed in an alphabetical format - the highest number I spotted was 4451 (can't be bothered trolling through to find the exact number or runners).  

There were 11,792 competitors across 4 events (12km run, 12km wheel chair, 6km run & 6km family walk) with $503,092-00 raised for the children's wing of the Geelong hospital.

I have no idea if they recorded age group results or not.  I ran a slow 6km on Friday night at 38:32 so am pretty happy considering that was supposed to be slow & on flat ground.  

Race day I had hills & 4,500 other runners to dodge!!! :0)

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