Friday, October 5, 2012

Technology issewsssss

We had planned a upgrade on our business software yesterday.  For the tech heads (as best as I can explain) we went from a something or other version to an SQL version of the software which required the software company to log in remotely & do approximately 4 hours of data conversion & other stuff to make it work on each work station.

We also had our IT guy here to facilitate.  He had another job to do as well as we finally upgraded our lap top.  We affectionately called the old one the dinosaur as it must be 10 years old & it's very slow. So we have a nice fast new one that is now configured to remotely access our internet & the network!  That side of things went smoothly.

It would seem that a few important factors were overlooked as far as the upgrade goes though.  When we bought the software 4 - 5 years ago, we were provided minimum operating computer specs (I can see you all going UH-OH).  

I guess WE could have asked for the NEW minimum operating specs; I guess our new IT company could have also checked this (they've only just taken over our IT needs so I don't hold them responsible); & more importantly I expected the software mob who forced us to upgrade to their SQL version to have mentioned this to us prior.  But nobody asked & nobody offered.  

They've since provided a data sheet (which only relates to servers & ours appears to comply - nothing for work stations) & explained that they usually provide this 14 days prior to the upgrade (curiously not at the time they hit you up for the $$$ for it) but of course it is due care & no responsibility.

The long & short is that we now need to replace a server & at least 1 x work station.  Luckily the old version is still operable (but slower than it was before yesterday), but if we continue to work on that, the the data will need to be converted AGAIN & that took 4  hours to achieve yesterday.

I guess the moral to the story is buyer beware, but I liken the situation to us advising a client they need to upgrade their storage hot water unit to a continuous flow type; installing it, then allowing the client to find out it doesn't work properly, then telling them they needed to also upgrade their gas line if they do want it to work properly.  

We would NEVER do that to a client.  Our duty of care is to provide the complete picture to our client.  How can you retain a client & have them recommend you if they cannot trust you to be honest & forthcoming?

The software mob have a history of poor communication so I suppose we should have been all over them.  They've asked us before to link them on our website to promote them.  While their software is probably the best we can afford in terms of a complete package (we can estimate, turn it into a job, invoice & cost against the job, pay creditors, raise purchase orders, create BAS's etc etc & has a payroll module), we have issues with the company.  

I do recommend the software, but could never actively promote the company.  The tech who was with them when we purchased the software left approximately 2 years later was a joy to deal with, but since then it's all been down hill.  I've felt bullied by their sales staff; their support staff have regularly let us down & they are hopeless at returning telephone calls &/or emails. 

Just last week after waiting 6 weeks for a fix on something & being unable to do my August (& then my September bank reconciliation , I did a bit of data manipulation (had to do with a 12+ month old retention) to force the account to balance & deposit the payment so I could do my rec(s).  

This was the 2nd time this fault has happened this year with the same debtor account & is a glitch in the software.  They took 3 week to sort it last time, so not sure what the hold up was this time - should have been faster as they knew what to do!!!  

If we hadn't invested so much time & $$$ into this software already I'd be reluctant to continue with them, but it is what it is & resolutions are what I need to focus on.  So whinge over.

I'm working with out new IT mob (whom have been very professional in their approach so far) to sort this out.  We have another (newer) server so they are going to transfer the SQL to that & everything else onto the old server (i think) to see how it runs.  This will enable us to test the capability on the newer server & have a clear picture of what we will need on top of that.  The 2nd server more than meets the minimum requirements, but I have reservations as to how it will go.  

I really should stop banging on about this, just had to get it off my chest.....I lost a day of work yesterday so I really should get back to work now............

Have a great weekend peeps!!!


Anonymous said...

whats the software product and can they host it online negating the need for a new server...

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Mate! I'll ask the question :0)

AlleyCat said...

product is bizprac; Qld Co. octal8

Ute said...

All WAAAAAAAAAY over my head... still, if it's computer issews, then I do understand the furstation.
Hope it all gest sorted out soon. x

Ute said...


Oh, and *GETS! Jaysus, left my brainz elsewhere today! :o/

Anonymous said...

meh, i see what your playing with, just try to keep it simple....

AlleyCat said...

LOL you are forgiven UTE! you have Willow Le Wisp on your mind xoxo

DOG3OY - thanks mate. The software bully is trying to blame the IT mob - all doing my head it!!! The simpler the better for IT challenged peeps like myself. I busted 2 light globes last week trying to change one...........I'm challenged at the best of times!!!!!