Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Much

Not much going on here other than work which is outta control!!!  And if any one can tell me where those set of keys I swear someone stole off my desk on Thursday went I'll be eternally your slave!!

Computer problems sort of sorted.  Everything bar the price file & estimating  modules operate at the speed of light; said two still at slower than snail pace.  We had this problem with the original software & I found the documentation & patch they wrote to remedy the fault.  Apparently not so easy in SQL & the software mob have gone back to the programmers they used to see what can be done.

Had a nice quiet weekend & caught up on domestic like chores.  Can walk around bare foot without going ewww.  The spare bed is also visible (had been mounded with laundry).  Cooked up some "meals on wheels" for the MIL.  Can't remember if I gave you an update - her ex gentleman friend has moved into a temporary retirement home.  She went ahead with the restraining order but only is as far as he cant come to her house.  He can telephone her & he can approach her in public.  She wants him to call her & hopes that eventually they can go out for dinner & go 'round together again.  She just doesn't want to live with him & have to look after him.  Sigh.

Her other daughter in law is still staying with her; but she's quite sick too (emphysema) & neither of them are much up for cooking much.  MIL has really bad arthritis & struggles with her eating weaponry as it is.  They tried meals on wheels (YUK); & have been having Lite n Easy delivered, which is pretty expensive.  So.  I've volunteered to do a bit of cooking for them.

So far they've have left over hokkien noodles (2 serves); 6 spaghetti bolognese (with penne - easier to fork) & 6  lasagna serves.  Yes, I bought a lot of mince that week!  

This weekend I cooked up a lamb & a beef casserole & made a mound of mash to go with them.  I've been using the small oblong silver foil type take away containers & freezing them; then sending them over with which ever plumber was working out that way!  See, meals on wheels!!!

I'm kinda enjoying thinking about how to make the meals as nutritionally sound as possible without driving myself insane with the additional workload.  I remember my Grandpa used to cook up a roast once a month (after Grandma passed away) & plate up 7 additional meals, cover them with foil & freeze them.  Then he'd have a Sunday roast whenever he felt the urge!  I'm not sure that would work, but gramps loved it.

Anyhoo.  The boss is back so I'm gonna get back to work.


PS any suggestions for easy to eat, easy to cook, nutritionally sound, freezable seniors meals welcome!!!!!


Cinders said...

Do you want to cook for me too? that's very considerate of you Cat :)

Anonymous said...

I have your keys…. No I don’t but I know who does.

Grab a hammer and go for a walk around the block the firs garden gnome you see is the culprit, those crafty little fucker did it, smash his head open and you’ll find the keys inside and a little treat, don’t eat the treat as it will cause you to take off all your cloths and run the streets singing happy birthday, save it and give it to someone who would look really funny running naked singing happy birthday.

Freezable meals for seniors, beef stroganoff…… mmmmm love that shit, I can make a pot last for days..

AlleyCat said...

LOL no worries Cinders!!! :0) you can throw away all your knives.....

AlleyCat said...

Dog3oy - clearly you have too much time on your hands to be stealing those keys & stashing them in gnomes LOL! But that was brilliant & thanks for the laugh.

Stroganoff - good idea!!!!! That can be next.........although I think I need to make something chicken too.......

Anonymous said...

chicken vindaloo

just turn down the heat a little

AlleyCat said...

I was gonna make them butter chicken.......they don't eat spicy food, but I though butter chicken would be a goer - my mate T said her mum is the same & even pattaks butter chicken was to spicy for her Mum, so I thought I'd best not go there....

Give ME a vindaloo any day!!! :0)

Chicken Cacciatore...........perhaps...

C said...

You are the best daughter-in-law ever! They are so lucky to have your support and good cooking.

It's so hard coming up with ideas for freezer meals, but you can't go wrong with different sorts of casseroles and soups. Also, meatloaf, rissoles, quiche, shepards pie, tuna mornay, pasta bakes, apricot chicken, meat pies, spinach and ricotta parcels, chili con carne (minus the spice).

When you have some time to waste go on the Taste website and search for recipes-- don't do it on an empty stomach though! :-)


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Clarissa! Lots of idea's!

I totally forgot about the batch of roast pumpkin, fetta & asparagus frittata I made as well!