Friday, October 26, 2012


Thank God it's Friday!!!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in on the weekend.  I just can't seem to get enough sleep lately!  Maybe I need a holiday :0)

Welcome to Miss D who's been reading.......she's a real life friend......& a bloody good one at that!  I recently started to tell her about something I blogged about & instead of having to retell the story on email, I emailed her the link.  Yep, I'm lazy.  I talk about you all to her, so hopefully she'll get herself a profile & join in reading your blogs & commenting etc even if she's not keen on blogging herself :0)

Got smashed at PT this week.  I do different activities each week so its hard to tell if I'm improving; although Adam (PT) tells me I am getting stronger.  I tell myself he makes it harder each week which is why I don't feel any better at it! 

We've been using these evil plates which I just found out are called Valslides.  Asides the muscle you are exercising, you have to engage your core to support your body, which is good, but the exercises are always quite hard!  I guess that's the whole point though of a PT session LOL.

You place your feed or hands on the black grippy side & the underside slides along the carpet.  There are all sorts of evil exercises that can be done using them (this week we did push ups where you slide your arms in & out sideways - my Pec's are still feeling the burn!).  

The exercised that has defeated me every time so far, has to do with hamstrings.  Lay on your back, place your heels on the pads, lift up your hips so you are balanced on your feet & shoulders then slide your heels in & out.  Together.  I just don't seem to be able to do it!

While moaning about not getting any better Adam said he had 2 clients in earlier that day who'd bought the pads & wanted him to give them exercises to do using them.  He said they couldn't actually do anything he gave them.  He pointed out that I can do 2 sets of 10 or 12 of everything he's given me to date other than the hamstring one. He then spoiled it by telling me the clients were in their 60's & had never exercised before.  DOH!

Just updated my running page.  Have piked on the Maribyrnong 8km but have signed up & paid for run Geelong 18th November.  Adam said there will be hills.  Don't think I'll aim for a particular time, although under 40 minutes will be almost respectable.  I just want to complete it without feeling the same pain I did with then 10km!  


Monday, October 22, 2012

No Gnomes

So.  The mystery of the missing keys was finally solved this morning.  It wasn't evil gnomes.  It was my first suspicion - an apprentice.  Who was at trade school all week & brought his lunch everyday.  It wasn't until this morning when he went to put his lunch in his lunch box that he found them.  Little bugger.  I asked him 3 times to check every pocket last Friday when they disappeared......

The same kid asked one day the week before if the vehicle he was driving had an etag in it or is clipped to the window as per every other vehicle under the rear vision mirror.  He's been driving that ute for 6 months now........

At least I know I'm not going crazy :0)

Well.  That crazy!

Got smashed at PT on Thursday & my glutes are still feeling the effect.  Coupled with a hard core effort Attack class on Saturday morning, I'm still feeling very sore!  I guess it's a good thing & means I worked hard, but isn't it supposed to get easier?????

Been suffering a little sleep deprivation of late - going through a bit of an insomnia phase, coupled with snoring no matter how loud or soft has not been helping.  This makes me more tired then I get anxious.  Although I think I'm stressed which makes me anxious first which makes me unable to sleep easily second!  Sometimes my brain gets too busy & I think to much.  

Boss V Employer - I was thinking a lot over the weekend of this concept.  "Bosses" get a lot of negative press, treating their employees badly so on & so forth.  You don't seem to hear much praise for Employers on the other hand.  The people who create jobs for people to do.  This is very basic comment on an extremely complex topic, I guess what I am trying to say as an employer in a small business, the responsibility weighs heavy sometimes & the reward or appreciation feels non commensurate .  Any wonder I can't sleep!  I need to spend more time pondering unicorns & bloody rainbows!!!

Speaking of work......I better get back to it.  Wasting time blogging at work.....GAH!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Much

Not much going on here other than work which is outta control!!!  And if any one can tell me where those set of keys I swear someone stole off my desk on Thursday went I'll be eternally your slave!!

Computer problems sort of sorted.  Everything bar the price file & estimating  modules operate at the speed of light; said two still at slower than snail pace.  We had this problem with the original software & I found the documentation & patch they wrote to remedy the fault.  Apparently not so easy in SQL & the software mob have gone back to the programmers they used to see what can be done.

Had a nice quiet weekend & caught up on domestic like chores.  Can walk around bare foot without going ewww.  The spare bed is also visible (had been mounded with laundry).  Cooked up some "meals on wheels" for the MIL.  Can't remember if I gave you an update - her ex gentleman friend has moved into a temporary retirement home.  She went ahead with the restraining order but only is as far as he cant come to her house.  He can telephone her & he can approach her in public.  She wants him to call her & hopes that eventually they can go out for dinner & go 'round together again.  She just doesn't want to live with him & have to look after him.  Sigh.

Her other daughter in law is still staying with her; but she's quite sick too (emphysema) & neither of them are much up for cooking much.  MIL has really bad arthritis & struggles with her eating weaponry as it is.  They tried meals on wheels (YUK); & have been having Lite n Easy delivered, which is pretty expensive.  So.  I've volunteered to do a bit of cooking for them.

So far they've have left over hokkien noodles (2 serves); 6 spaghetti bolognese (with penne - easier to fork) & 6  lasagna serves.  Yes, I bought a lot of mince that week!  

This weekend I cooked up a lamb & a beef casserole & made a mound of mash to go with them.  I've been using the small oblong silver foil type take away containers & freezing them; then sending them over with which ever plumber was working out that way!  See, meals on wheels!!!

I'm kinda enjoying thinking about how to make the meals as nutritionally sound as possible without driving myself insane with the additional workload.  I remember my Grandpa used to cook up a roast once a month (after Grandma passed away) & plate up 7 additional meals, cover them with foil & freeze them.  Then he'd have a Sunday roast whenever he felt the urge!  I'm not sure that would work, but gramps loved it.

Anyhoo.  The boss is back so I'm gonna get back to work.


PS any suggestions for easy to eat, easy to cook, nutritionally sound, freezable seniors meals welcome!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


A duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and a ham sandwich.

The barman looks at him and says,

"Hang on! You're a duck."

"I see your eyes are working," replies the duck.

"And you can talk!"
Exclaims the barman.

"I see your ears are working, too,"
Says the duck. 

"Now if you don't mind, can I have my beer and my sandwich please?"

"Certainly, sorry about that," 

Says the barman as he pulls the duck's pint.

"It's just we don't get many ducks in this pub.. What are you doing round this way?"

"I'm working on the building site across the road,"
Explains the duck. 

"I'm a plasterer."

The flabbergasted barman cannot believe the duck and wants to learn more, but takes the hint when the duck pulls out a newspaper from his bag and proceeds to read it.

So, the duck reads his paper, drinks his beer, eats his sandwich, bids the barman good day and leaves.

The same thing happens for two weeks.

Then one day the circus comes to town.

The ringmaster comes into the pub for a pint and the barman says to him

"You're with the circus, aren't you? Well, I know this duck that could be just brilliant in your circus. He talks, drinks beer, eats sandwiches, reads the newspaper and everything!"

"Sounds marvelous,"

says the ringmaster, handing over his business card. 

"Get him to give me a call."

So the next day when the duck comes into the pub the barman says, 

"Hey Mr. Duck, I reckon I can line you up with a top job, paying really good money."

"I'm always looking for the next job," 

Says the duck.

"Where is it?"

"At the circus," 

Says the barman.

"The circus?" 

Repeats the duck.

"That's right," 

Replies the barman.

"The circus?" 

The duck asks again.

"with the big tent?"

"Yeah," the barman replies.

"With all the animals who live in cages, and performers who live in caravans?" says the duck.

"Of course," the barman replies.

"And the tent has canvas sides and a big canvas roof with a hole in the middle?" persists the duck.

"That's right!" says the barman.

The duck shakes his head in amazement, and says 
"What the FU*K would they want with a plasterer????!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Technology issewsssss

We had planned a upgrade on our business software yesterday.  For the tech heads (as best as I can explain) we went from a something or other version to an SQL version of the software which required the software company to log in remotely & do approximately 4 hours of data conversion & other stuff to make it work on each work station.

We also had our IT guy here to facilitate.  He had another job to do as well as we finally upgraded our lap top.  We affectionately called the old one the dinosaur as it must be 10 years old & it's very slow. So we have a nice fast new one that is now configured to remotely access our internet & the network!  That side of things went smoothly.

It would seem that a few important factors were overlooked as far as the upgrade goes though.  When we bought the software 4 - 5 years ago, we were provided minimum operating computer specs (I can see you all going UH-OH).  

I guess WE could have asked for the NEW minimum operating specs; I guess our new IT company could have also checked this (they've only just taken over our IT needs so I don't hold them responsible); & more importantly I expected the software mob who forced us to upgrade to their SQL version to have mentioned this to us prior.  But nobody asked & nobody offered.  

They've since provided a data sheet (which only relates to servers & ours appears to comply - nothing for work stations) & explained that they usually provide this 14 days prior to the upgrade (curiously not at the time they hit you up for the $$$ for it) but of course it is due care & no responsibility.

The long & short is that we now need to replace a server & at least 1 x work station.  Luckily the old version is still operable (but slower than it was before yesterday), but if we continue to work on that, the the data will need to be converted AGAIN & that took 4  hours to achieve yesterday.

I guess the moral to the story is buyer beware, but I liken the situation to us advising a client they need to upgrade their storage hot water unit to a continuous flow type; installing it, then allowing the client to find out it doesn't work properly, then telling them they needed to also upgrade their gas line if they do want it to work properly.  

We would NEVER do that to a client.  Our duty of care is to provide the complete picture to our client.  How can you retain a client & have them recommend you if they cannot trust you to be honest & forthcoming?

The software mob have a history of poor communication so I suppose we should have been all over them.  They've asked us before to link them on our website to promote them.  While their software is probably the best we can afford in terms of a complete package (we can estimate, turn it into a job, invoice & cost against the job, pay creditors, raise purchase orders, create BAS's etc etc & has a payroll module), we have issues with the company.  

I do recommend the software, but could never actively promote the company.  The tech who was with them when we purchased the software left approximately 2 years later was a joy to deal with, but since then it's all been down hill.  I've felt bullied by their sales staff; their support staff have regularly let us down & they are hopeless at returning telephone calls &/or emails. 

Just last week after waiting 6 weeks for a fix on something & being unable to do my August (& then my September bank reconciliation , I did a bit of data manipulation (had to do with a 12+ month old retention) to force the account to balance & deposit the payment so I could do my rec(s).  

This was the 2nd time this fault has happened this year with the same debtor account & is a glitch in the software.  They took 3 week to sort it last time, so not sure what the hold up was this time - should have been faster as they knew what to do!!!  

If we hadn't invested so much time & $$$ into this software already I'd be reluctant to continue with them, but it is what it is & resolutions are what I need to focus on.  So whinge over.

I'm working with out new IT mob (whom have been very professional in their approach so far) to sort this out.  We have another (newer) server so they are going to transfer the SQL to that & everything else onto the old server (i think) to see how it runs.  This will enable us to test the capability on the newer server & have a clear picture of what we will need on top of that.  The 2nd server more than meets the minimum requirements, but I have reservations as to how it will go.  

I really should stop banging on about this, just had to get it off my chest.....I lost a day of work yesterday so I really should get back to work now............

Have a great weekend peeps!!!