Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running Dilemmas

EEEEEEEEEkkkkkk the race I signed up for is in 2 Sundays.  That's a little close for comfort!  

I bought a running Mag on last Friday which had in it an article on being race confident.  Timely?  Much!

It was about the top 5 (according to whom I don't know) first race dilemma's.

Dilemma 1 - I won't be fit enough - yep, although I know I will, I do think about it, more so my lack of fitness in comparison to other competitors (see Dilemma 3).  

Dilemma 2 - I'm worried my time won't be respectable - YES.  I do worry about that one! I know a respectable time is under 1 hour; my time will be somewhere between 60 & 70 minutes.  Thankfully I looked up the race website yesterday & was able to see lasts years results.  While I wont be in the top 3 in my age group (read 40 minutes!) I shouldn't come last.  I'll finish in the middle of the pack.  Strangely (or not), I'm not worried about not making the distance, I know I can do it, I'm more worried about coming last.

Dilemma 3 - I won't look as fit as other people running in the event - yep, worry about that one too. I don't look like a runner, I look like me.  Everyone else will look like runners!  Daft!!!!!!!!!    This is definitely more a vanity thing.

Dilemma 4 - I normally run on the treadmill and I'm nervous about training outside - don't worry about this one any more. 

Dilemma 5 - I may not be able to complete the distance - don't worry about this any more either (unless I'm having a bad run!)

I've been following my (running) training program to the letter, but I haven't supplemented at all really, with additional cross training on the days I don't run.  I always  seem to be too busy!  I guess I've been focusing on the runs as the training, rather than a complete training program.  Hopefully as it gets warmer & lighter at night, I'll  be more motivated.  Winter doesn't motivate me to do anything after work other than lay on the couch.

3 weeks ago I stopped my nightly glass of red wine with dinner; I did have a headache for 3 days straight the first week, but I think that had more to do with the germs Plumbing Boy shared with me which left me with a bit of an upset tummy.  He spent a day in bed (very rare for him) with a horrid head & belly ache; tried to spew, but couldn't.   I worked, but felt rather like a shaken up bottle of fizzy drink for 24 hours.

Went to Warrnambool the weekend before last for a quality catch up with Tess before Mum & Dad get back from their trip.  Did my 8km on the rail trail which runs between Warrnambool & Port Fairy (not along the ocean).  My companions were 3 dogs, multiple cows & birds, 2 farmers & a pack of 20 or so cyclists who gave me a big wave & a grin as they flew past!  Was so nice to be out in the country side rather than the streets around here & a few hills to boot.

Rode Tess's pony Misty, who did try to unseat me, without success.  Although my sister did grab the bridle before Misty reversed into the electric fence as that may have done the trick!  Misty had decided the ride was over & I hadn't quite finished :0)

Misty in the round yard, before we took her out in the paddock.........

I went for a sunrise walk Sunday morning while Plumbing Boy headed off for a dirt bike ride.  Scuse the zillions of photo's - I was trying to catch the changes in the colour of the sky!


Couldn't get these guys to stand still so I could get a decent pic; they didn't need any encouragement to suck my fingers though!  As a kid growing up on a dairy farm, I spent hours with poddy calves slobbering on my fingers.  Not gross at all :0)

Tess's self portrait of her braces, Friday night after gymnastics,



Ute said...

Beautiful sunrise!

Aw, Misty is adorbs!!

No advice on the running I'm afraid. I haven't run since I was a little tacker! And I 'aint about to start again now!
Good lucky but. :o)

AlleyCat said...

thanks Uteski!

Misty is quite adorabubble, but also 20+ & quite a cantankerous ole lady!!! Tess said she'll push your leg into the electric fence even though she knows she gets a shock too, just to get you off!!! LOL!!!

C said...

I almost feel energised by the country air just looking at the photos, looks so vibrant and fresh!

Good luck with the race. I feel confident for you if that helps at all??!! I have no experience with these things, so feel free to ignore my advice, but just try to do your best, have fun and don't worry about the times or what other people are doing. I look forward to hearing all about it!

C said...

C= Clarissa. forgot to say that!

Memphis Steve said...

I can totally sympathize about the race nervousness. My race is in a week and I'm in shit shape. This is likely going to be a disaster for me, but luckily this particular race often involves a lot of drunkenness and not a lot of people taking it too serious. Surely I can't do any worse than I did last year when I ran it while sick as a dog. You're going to do great. You're prepared and in shape. And you look great.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Clarissa! I will so take on your confidence!!! LOL I'll try not to worry too much!!! been sussing out some new/different tunes to keep me pumped!

AlleyCat said...

Awwwwwwww Thanks Memphis!!! Love a drunken event! Hope you have fun & don't further injury yourself!!! :0)