Monday, September 24, 2012

RACE DAY #edited

The alarm went off at 5.30am!  Hit snooze a couple of times as had a fairly restless nights sleep - was considering moving to the spare room around 11pm due to someone snoring next to me, but I must have finally fallen asleep.

Showered, dressed, packed a change of clothes; remembered I forgot to charge pod & delete 2 songs, quickly plugged in, plenty of charge, deleted 2 tunes & moved one to the end of the play list (back up tune!).

Was feeling OK.  Tired & a little nervous.  Hit the road at 6.30am, picked up K at 7am who'd volunteered to keep Plumbing Boy company & cheer me on.  Had a little trouble finding how to get into the car park @ the venue, but eventually arrived at 7.40am (had been feeling quite anxious for the 10 minutes prior as I'd wanted to be there at 7.30am). 

Lots of runners everywhere, long queues for the loo - I'd not really had anything to eat or drink so while I did join the queue for 5 minutes, I got out of it again & decided to spend my time warming up instead.  As K said, more nerves than really needing to pee.

Walked a lap then jogged 2 laps of the oval to warm up.  7.55am we were called to the starting line for a race briefing.  The 1/2 marathoners were to run in one direction to complete their 1.2km first & the 5 & 10km runners were to head off in the other direction at the start of the 5km loop.  I asked the girl next to me if I was facing the right direction for the 10km, her response was "Yes, unless you want to run the half".

A moment of silence, prior to starting to reflect on being a runner & being part of a wider community of runners & off we went.  Our race bibs had an electronic timer in it; I'm  waiting for my official time which will be published on their website today.  

I waited a little for the pack to clear, then hit start on my watch as I ran under the start banner.  The first turn around was between the 1 & 2km mark & I started to worry that I'd started in the 1/2 marathon group by mistake, until I saw a group over take me going very fast.  Obviously they'd run the 1.2 plus what I'd run.  Didn't stop me from feeling very anxious til I found the 5 & 10k runner's 2km marker.  Watch said 12 minutes so I knew I was running in the right direction with the right group!!!  

The course was supposedly flat according to the website, but not in comparison to the flatness around home where I run!  There were 3 uphill sections.  While they were only slight, my knee wasn't too happy.  The first uphill was gradual stretch between around 1.5 & 3 kms marker & by the 3rd km, my knee was starting to hurt like it did last weekend.  The 2nd uphill section had a gradual 1/2km with short steeper 200m section at the end in the 4th & the last uphill a minor gradual 100m at the beginning of the 5th km.  

At the 5km mark I was around 31 minutes, so felt OK with the time.  Cheered on by PB & K, while my knee was still annoying, I decided that I could make it around again.  I'd trained for it, so wanted to bloody well finish it!  There were a couple of runners around 100m ahead of me & I focused on them, hoping to overtake them, or at the minimum, keep up with them.  No such luck, they definitely ran their 2nd half faster than their first!  I think I only over took 1 person in the second half.  

By the 7km marker my right hip was now in protest with my right knee.  My mantra at this point pretty much I think I can I think I can & just started counting to 100, trying to keep my breathing steady & even, 2 steps in, 2 steps out.  Last time up the steep hill (the first time round I over took as few people walking it) I realized I wasn't going to make it in under an hour & struggled to power home in the last km.  Lucky I kept the back up song on my pod, as my playlist was exactly 1 hour & the finish line was in sight!

I crossed the finish line according to my watch at 1 hour, 2 minutes & 5 seconds!  The official time might be less a couple of seconds as I almost forgot to hit the stop button on my watch as K wanted me to throw my hands above my head at the finish line for a photo.

While I'm happy to have completed the run & am fairly happy with the time the pain my knee & hip put a bit of a damper on the whole experience.  Sculled a few glasses of water & stretched, by then the 10km presentation was ready to go so we hung around for that.  The first place was 40 something minutes.  First in my age & gender category was 52 something minutes, so felt quite happy with my time.  There was an 80 year old man who beat me with 59 minutes!  Legend!

The sun had gone behind the clouds & it was threatening to rain, so we headed back to the car & went in search of coffee!  As we'd organised to go out for lunch, we had a quick light breakfast, then back to K's for a shower!  Sooooooooo good.  Spent the afternoon with K, our mate T & her man & their baby, & another mate J at a pub in Williamstown.  It was Baby's first lunch out in public & first time at the pub.  Had a few wines to celebrate & feel a little worse for wear today; more tired than anything though!  Both knees are a bit sore today + hip, & going up stairs is not much fun, but am sure with a few days rest that will all subside.

Next on the agenda was a 12km end of October, depending on recovery, may do the 8km instead & continue on to the 10km in January.  To be honest, I think I'd be happy to run my boring old 5.5 km circuit 5 times a week & just clock up a few more kms.  

Will post my official time when it's published on the website.  Spose I'd better get back to work now :0)

Stats are in:
10km had 168 competitors.  I came in at 134
of the 83 women competing in the 10km, I came in at 58
of the 20 women in my age group, I came 13th
Net time: 1.01.56
Finish time: 1.02.19
(not sure what the difference is between the net & finish)
My watch: 1.02.05


Ute said...

"1 hour, 2 minutes & 5 seconds" Fark!

I'd probably last the 2 minutes. If that!

Well done. Impressed. x

AlleyCat said...

LOL Thanks Uteski!!!!!!!!!!! xo

Slyde said...

you kicked ass! good for you! :)