Friday, September 21, 2012


Finally finished reading through my old dribble (posts).  I slightly edited a couple & have reverted a few back to draft.  I may or may not edit & re-publish.  I should be back in your readers/feeds when I blog because I've taken it off private.  I was feeling really daft having to email you when I'd posted.  Also I've been reading some new running blogs & what's the point of commenting if they can't read my blog & comment back.  Kind of removed the opportunity to make new friends.  

Strangely I was finding me editing myself more when private about whether I was sounding whiney or bitchy!  The only thing that was easier was not having to use initials for names.  So it's back to that.

What did I learn from re-reading old posts?  I repeat myself a bit.  Uh Oh - I'm gonna be one of those old people. I've been gaining & losing the same 5kgs for the past 4 years.  I use this blog as a log book sometimes for food & exercise which must be awfully bloody boring for you out there to read!  You guys are hilarious!  Reading back over some of the comments had me in fits of giggles.  So.  I must thank you all for sticking out my repetitive boringness!!!

On with the show.  10km fun run is on Sunday.  Last training session was Saturday @ 9kms.  Was stoked with the time 54 minutes something, but wasn't so happy about the right knee pain 2/3rds of the way through.  Decided not to run this week; did a cycle on  Monday followed by another PT session (got smashed - felt like wobbly jelly all over by the end of it - lucky dinner was already prepared coz I don't think I could have held & operated a knife to cut anything up!) & it was fine.  

Yesterday again it was paining a bit, but had a Chiropractic appt & felt sure my pelvis was out & that was the cause.  Bingo.  Plus all my muscles had tightened up in protest which was contributing.  I'd remembered seeing a flyer at my gym for a new masseuse & as I couldn't get into anyone at the chiropractor's booked in with Margaret @ the gym.  Double Bingo.  $40-00 for 1 hr, $30 back on medibank pvt, yessiree I'll hand over $10-00.  Chiro laughed at me & said you really know whats going in with your body don't you.  Brilliant idea & I'll write down what muscles I want her to torture you with. 

There was a fair bit off puffing/panting (on my part) while she worked on a band of muscle that runs between your bottom rib & your pelvis in your lower back (forgot what it's called), more when she stuck her elbow in all the trigger points available in my glute & only slight panting while doing the same to my IT band.  Those puppies were not happy.  Feel so much better & looser today than Jebus.

Have not been sleeping well at all this week.  Crazy dreams of running & being chased (subconsciously worried about Sunday I'd guess) & somebody snoring so loud one night I moved to the spare room @ midnight.  Last night someone called at 11.30pm to chat hot water...........

Hopefully tonight will be an awesome sleep as I don't have the phones, nor does plumbing boy.  I'm planing on a big sleep in.

Sunday the run starts at 8am, so will be up bright & early.  I've updated my play list & have a new revised time goal.  Originally I wanted to be done in 70 minutes.  I'm going to try for closer to 60 minutes.  I have no idea about how the traffic of the other runners will affect time, so will have to let you know after I'm done.  Gear is all washed & ready; just need to charge the pod.  Plumbing boy is driving me & another friend K is coming with us to keep PB company & to cheer me on LOL!  

So.  Here goes..........

Wish me luck!!!!!


C said...

Welcome back to my google reader!

LOL at losing the same 5 kilos over and over. At least you are maintaining and not gaining stacks of weight!

Good luck for Sunday, I hope your knee stays good and your get a time you are happy with.



AlleyCat said...

Thanks Clarissa!!! Have a great weekend :0) xoxo