Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My local gym recently advertised 10 personal training sessions for $240-00 (down from $600-00) which is a bloody bargain!  I signed up & had the first session last Monday.  My PT is a young bloke, which has its pro's & cons.  

I guess even if he doesn't have much experience, he's at least done the course recently so he'll be up with the latest stuff & be enthusiastic!  He was quite interested in my running program & took a copy of what I've been doing; was planning on doing a bit of research & coming up with a few new ideas for the next run's training program.

I've never paid for formal PT before, but I did train with a mate while she was doing her course, so was chief guinea pig for 6 months or so for her.  Adam was pretty good & I felt just the right amount of pain.  Definitely sore 24 hours later, but not so sore that I couldn't walk!!!

I'll be doing a session a week with him til the prepaid runs out.  If I'm still diggin' it I might continue on.  I can't do pump because of the tennis elbow, so it's good to have someone design a training program that I can work with, plus he makes sure my technique is good & pushes me.  I usually avoid lunges at all costs, but I can't escape them now..........

My core, lower back, glutes & upper body are all weak (surprise surprise) so that's what we're working on.  The funnest thing I played with was a Bosu ball.

You flip it so the round bit is on the ground & you stand on the flat bit - yes, it wobbles a lot (or should I say I wobbled a lot).  Then try it standing on 1 leg!  That was most peculiar as each ankle almost reverberated.  I had to hold onto the arm Adam offered me for 1 legged.  I also managed to do a couple of squats on it.  It's harder than it looks & works a lot of muscles at once.  Plumbing Boy wants one!

Here's a few pic's from a camping weekend a few weeks ago........

sunset on the way there (had to set up in the dark)

Red wine glass & a beautiful bottle of red.  I hear the locals are bloody awesome!!!

Mr Kettle & the campfire.

I went on a 2 hour hike on the Sunday up a ginormous hill plumbing boy rides his bike up; came back via an easier route.  Going down steep rocky trails is much harder than going up them!

Tis a good camping spot except for the lack of phone reception.  That's not so bad, but it means we can only both go when we're not answering the work phones which is around 1 in every 6 weeks.  Plumbing Boy is right into his camping at the moment.  I did tell you he bough an ambulance didn't I? And is decking it out as a camper.  I'll have to find a's a Holden ute with the ambo back on next time!


Ute said...

Zomg! That vineyard is literally just up the road!!! :)))

You make camping look so much fun. Especially with the wine 'n all. ;)

AlleyCat said...

As soon as I saw the label I went UTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! & had to have it!! LOL

Are you not a camper?? I love camping. I like red wine :0) LOL maybe it's the wine that makes it look funner!!!

DOG3OY said...

i want to go camping, just the thought of taking three kids with me that kills the fun.

converted ambo.... will it be haunted .....

AlleyCat said...

depends on the age of the kids doesn't it. We're taking an 8 & 15 year old in a couple of weeks......

we told the 8 year old one of the "cupboards" in the back is the eyeball cupboard............hours of entertainment!!!

Another friend recons she can "feel" the souls of the dead bodies in it...........I've slept in it, all I can feel is snoring from the dead body next to me!!!!!

DOG3OY said...

8 and 15... not bad

2,6 and 15.... hand full

AlleyCat said...

6 & 15 I can handle...........2 year old, probably not!

We're also taking the 8 & 15 year old's father although I suspect I'll be baby sitting the 8 while plumbing boy & the dad take the 15 y/o girl dirt biking. I'm not feeling the joy. I wonder if the 8 year old will bring his leggo???