Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Body Stats

So. After noting I'd lost/gained/lost/gained/lost the same 5 - 6 kgs since reading over my old posts I was interested to see what had changed after training for the 10km run.

I took some measurements 9 weeks ago to compare.  I forgot to do a body fat caliper test; last time I recorded one was this time last year have included those stats as well.  I knew there had been changes as my clothes fit much better & I'm wearing more fitted tops instead of the blousey ones that give ones middle a little more privacy.  

Stats below in metric (kgs & cms)

                 9/9/11       30/8/12        25/9/12
KGS             65                64                 61.5
Bust            96                94                  91.5
Waist          79                78                  75
Hip             103               97                  94
L Thigh        63                62                  60.5
R Thigh       63.5              62                  60.5
L Bicep        30                29                  28.5
R Bicep       30.5              29                  29.5
L Calf          35                 35                 35.5
R Calf         35.5              35                  36
Butt           107              106                  104.5
Pot belly      94                95                  88.5
Belly Button 88                87                  82.5
Body Fat      26%       didn't measure       25%

The body fat % may not be quite right - I've got a budget set of calipers, but I seem to have lost the chart that came with them!  I used the internet today & did a few different type of tests which averaged to 25%.  I'm in the average range & going in the right direction.  I'd like to be a little leaner (18 - 20% is athletic).  I don't necessarily want to be in the athletic range, just closer to 20 than 25.

While I still jump on the scales every couple of days, my clothes have really been the guide as to how I am going.  I won't measure again until the January run, which will include Christmas & the silly season :0)

I guess I'm just aiming to be fitter between now & then; & hopefully faster!!!!  Reality is the scale weight may increase as fat converts to muscles or may stay exactly the same.  Some measurements will increase & some I hope will decrease (Butt wings!)

Hope this hasn't bored you all to tears!

PS you can tell the boss has been out of the office for the past week................


Ute said...

You've lost bits off ya boobies! GAH!

I haven't stepped on a scale in over 6 months. Too scared. :o/

AlleyCat said...

LOL maybe I'll get outta the E cup :0) less to lug around!

Winter is not conducive to scale stepping! too many noms to eat!!

Cinders said...

Fantastic stats and results. I'm really impressed with Pot Belly loss - well done Cat x

Memphis Steve said...

You are doing great! My doctor said I'd gained a lot of weight, but my wife and mother said I'd lost a lot of weight. I don't know what to do with that. The scale can't lie, but wives and moms can so I'm discouraged.

AlleyCat said...

LOL Thanks Cinders! I'll be happier when its less than or equal to belly button!!!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Steve! Thank you!

Your clothes are the best judge. You may have gained muscle therefore scale weight may have increased, but you've toned so visually look like you're thinner? Ask your fave jeans - unless you shrunk them in the dryer by mistake, they wont lie to you :0)

Chris H said...

Wow some impressive stats there! Well done Chick.