Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last weeks muck up run was a Fartlek session.  Stop giggling.  It's not coordinated farting while running!  Fartlek is Swedish for Speed Play.  In running training this generally means running fast for a short period, then having a shorter recovery period, then running fast again; as you can see, it's about playing with your speed.  You can read more about them here & here.

After researching I decided on a pyramid style Fartlek training session on the treadmill as it's easier for me to control the speed.  Basically I did a warm up of slow running for 15 minutes, then ran faster than my proposed 5km pace for 1 minute, then 1 minute slow recovery, then 2 minutes, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1 each with a 1 minute slow recovery & 10 minutes walking to cool down.  I ran the second half faster than the first & was completely pumped at the end of the work out.  I was bouncing off the walls actually!  The whole thing as around 6kms of running & .5 walking.

As my training runs are lengthening out, I'm struggling to get them done in the mornings.  I was saving the muck ups for the weekends, as generally I need to go somewhere to do them.  Like find a hill, or cross country or beach etc etc.  None of which are at my door.  I'm really enjoying running outdoors & have not missed the tready one little bit.  

But, it looks like I'll have to do the muck ups on the tready for the next couple of weeks after work & save the long run for the weekend.  I really need to get into the gym & do some strength training & some cross training on days when I'm not doing a run.  Hopefully this week that will happen.  Work has been super busy & I'm too wrecked (or should that read unmotivated) by the end of the day to do anything else!

That coupled with trying to keep up to date with general house hold chores is often a struggle.  I wonder how people with kids manage!  I've only got 2 adults to sort & the laundry, food, cleaning, tidying seems never ending.  Chuck in a couple of ruggies (as my mate calls kids) I just couldn't imagine how I'd keep up!

Anyhoo.  Like everything in life, organisation is the key & that means I need to stop bloggin' now & get my shite together :0)


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