Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still Here

Still here, but been a bit too busy to blog of late.  Haven't had that much to say either!

Plumbing Boys Mum is back home with her evil boyfriend after a month away.  It would seem that 2 suicide threats & actually seeing him "sob his heart out" in public (while making the 2nd threat) rendered her far too guilty to kick him out.  

She said he's been "back to normal like when I first met him" since she got home & has been back on his medication.  The first threat was over the phone while she was away; she was that distraught she called the police & an ambulance who found him returning from up the street to buy butter.   While these threats need to be taken very seriously especially in light of the fact that he hadn't been taking his medication properly, I'm not convinced he was serious.  

Looks like his ploy paid off as he's got her right where he wants her.  Waiting on him hand & foot; isolated from anyone who would want to help her including his family who he refuses to speak to (again) & her family who he also refuses to pretty much have anything to do with including us.  PB's sister in law is about the only one he's still on speaking terms with & is allowed in the house.  Her kids are allowed, but both of them are refusing to have anything to do with him.

She has spoken about it all with her own doctor who has explained to her that she needs to be very very careful around him & to make sure things remain peaceful at home as anything could set him off.  She is checking to make sure he is taking his medication from the psychiatrist morning & night & has promised that at any sign of instability, she will get in her car & leave.

I'd imagine it will only be a matter of time before something sets him off.  In the interim we've done a lot of background work that hopefully will sort things out provided we act swiftly & get it done before he's had the chance to guilt her into staying again. She is genuinely happy to be home & providing he "stays on an even keel" as she puts it, she won't further pursue making him leave.

All we want is for her to be happy & safe.  It's a very difficult situation all round & I've lost way too much sleep over it already.

I've managed to string 2 runs together in a row this week.  I almost piked this morning & went back to bed, but considering the weather is turning  more feral over the few days I went with the mantra just bloody do it.  Both yesterday & today my nose & lips were actually cold to the point of going numb til I'd run about a km.  By the home stretch I was almost warm enough to roll up my sleeves, but not quite!  I think it was around 7deg C yesterday & this morning the report said 4 degrees C!  Felt good to clear the cobwebs out of my head though!

I'm off to Sydney to visit with my cuz this weekend & go to the footy.  It's shaping up to be a rip snorter of a game.  My cuz has arranged around 20 peeps to go to the footy & I'll be the lone Cat's supporter other than Uncle Pete who'll be torn between barracking for both sides.  He was born & bred a Cat's supporter, but since moving to Sydney in his 20's has barracked for the Swans since they went up there; it's golden entertainment just watching him watch the game!!!!!  Wish me/us luck -  I hope it's close & of course that the Catters come out on top!

Keep warm Peeps.  It's bloody cold out there!

PS I forgot to mention one of my best mates had a baby last week.  Little boy, all doing well.  It would seem she really wasn't sporting a basketball under her actually is a little person!  Congrats T & B - hope you get some sleep soon!


Ute said...

Oh hai!

Making threats that you're going to top yourself is cruel and emotionally bullying.
I hope your MIL stays safe... he doesn't sound very safe to be around.

Enjoy your weekend! Woot!

Epic Fail said...

Seems like everyone I know is having a baby or had one long ago and here I am with no family of my own. I'd hate to be single again, but it looks like I may have to if I ever want to have a family.