Monday, May 7, 2012

More Bonkers Photos

 Hair of the dog.........

Various views from the peak: you can see how the clouds/smog change the view every minute or two!

Worlds smallest (& most space economic) bathroom in our hotel.  Shower to the left, basin to the right, dunny dead centre.  It was actually pretty funny as the dunny door is glass, so there is no privacy!  I guess it's so you can do your business while admiring the view!  

I really liked the pivoting shaving cabinet above on the left hand side of the bench.  I'm showing the plain mirror side, but if you spin it around it has shelving inside for your toiletries.  Scuse my look of concentration (above & below), tequila slammers the night before does that to me!

We were 2 floors up from our friends & on the Sunday, when the Junk was cancelled & the party moved to K's room, we used our room as the ladies, as their room had the same problem!  We were running up & down the stairs all day as the room keys would only let the elevator stop at the room for that key.  Some people used the elevator up to our room & walk back down the stairs to the soiree.  I took advantage of the sobering upness of the hike up the stairs.  Every bit helps right!!!

And finally the sun came out on the morning of our departure which I snapped through the window of our hotel room.  Pity it hadn't been like this the day before for the junk ride!  Somehow I forgot to take pic's of us all frocked time!!!


Chris H said...

Wow, amazing views! Stuff a glass door for the dunny!

AlleyCat said...

LOL Yes Chris, it was pretty funny......the dunny door!