Thursday, May 17, 2012


Life has been pretty crazy of late.  Work has exploded, which is a good thing, keeping everyone in work & busy, but just a little too busy if you know what I mean.  Better than wondering if enough work is going to come in to keep us all employed though.  I'm pretty on top of my work but Plumbing Boy's work load is out of control.  More BIG quotes than he has time to do & BIG jobs that need a lot of complicated administration & his personal guidance.  

Things have come to a head with Plumbing Boy's Mum & her partner (Evil K) which has resulted in her temporarily moving out of her home after asking him to leave which has been extremely stressful all round.  Even worse is at the moment he doesn't want to leave.  We are hoping his children will assist with this.  At the moment MIL is extremely fragile (as you can imagine having to face this kind of situation at 88 years of age) & we are kind of at the wait & see stage.  He's been in & out of hospital, had a lot of medication changes, but has been irrational & aggressive for longer than we realized, resulting a voluntary 9 night stint in hospital, meaning he was able to be discharged by his own demands on Tuesday, with no real improvement & against his treating psychiatrist's advice. Can't say too much but I guess you can read between the lines.  

Update: MIL just called me & sounds much better.  She said she has mourned him as though he is dead & dead he is to her.  Now the fight to reclaim her home begins proper I guess.

Exercise really has been non existent.  I've been staying back late at work (can't leave when I still have staff in the field) so little or no motivation to do anything in the evenings when I've been finishing at 7pm or later.  My old friend red wine has been a nightly comfort this week, followed by a nice warm bed in the mornings has rendered my with no motivation for my morning run.  

This is about to change (I hope).  I just have to get off my arse & do it really.  I even went & bought a long sleeve running top to keep me warm these winter mornings in which I ran in 3 times last week, it's just this week that has lost all motivation.  Watch this space.  Like always, string days together & you're back on track. This weekend wont be super conducive, as we have the final chapter of Bonkers in Honkers, this time in Melbourne.  Please let there be no more Tequila!

Lastly, a couple of pictures for you.  My furbaby specializes in NEVER taking a decent photo.  Here's one I tried to snap recently.....she was hiding under the coffee table with my shoe.

Me on the weekend.  We went away to the Pyrenees wine region in Victoria with my parents for Mothers Day.  Yes, I'm clutching a bottle of red; pic snapped by Tess.

Tess came too & we spent quite a lot of time practicing our hair do's.  Unfortunately she took all her creative work on her camera instead of mine, so you don't get to see her far more creative work on my hair.  Here's one of the braids I managed on her.


Chris H said...

Your life sounds rather chaotic... I hope it settles down soon.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris. Me too!!!