Friday, May 4, 2012


One of my best mates K has been living & working abroad for almost 20 years.  She spent almost 9 in the UK, then the rest in Hong Kong.  She's been planning her exit strategy for the past 18 months, having to give 3 months notice at work, trying to time that with the lease on her apartment, achieving her 10 year entitlements at work & other such work related stuff.  When she was out last Christmas, Plumbing boy said to her that we'd come & spend a week with her in Hong Kong as bit of a last hurrah, to meet her friends & to repay a favor.  

She comes home every Christmas using up all her annual leave (I think she only gets 10 days/year - but a lot more public holidays) since being in Hong Kong, but the year we got married, she also flew out for a week for our wedding, as well as surprising me for a weekend for my hens night!!!!!!  This was the favor we wanted to repay!  

The night PB came up with the idea, the phrase "Bonkers in Honkers" was born & K planned her whole final weekend, of multiple parties & gatherings around the phrase.  

Last weekend we went Bonkers in Honkers.  

Extravagant? Hell Yeah!!!  

Lots of Fun???  Bloody Oath!!!  

Bonkers?  Do you even need to ask!!!!!!  

It was unfortunate that the date was so close to our Bali holiday.  We spent Thursday flying there & Monday flying back, but had absolute blast.  Another one of our mates came out as well, arriving earlier the same day; they've both gone on to Boracay for 2 weeks on vacation with another mate joining them there.  I sooooooooo wish I could be on the white beach with them, but you can't have everything you wish for & I'm already feeling somewhat guilty for our opulence as it is!!!

Thursday night we went out for dinner in "Rat Alley" & feasted on all foods Asian.  Friday we caught the ferry over to Macau (got lots of stamps in my passport that day) as it was only an hour away, saw the remain of a famous church & the fort & had lunch @ Fernando's.  Macau was settled by the Portuguese, handed back to China in 1999.  Hong Kong was settled by the Brits & handed back in 1997.  While they are both part of China they really are quite different.

Friday night K had arranged a cocktail party at a venue called Shore.  We drank Champagne & met lots of her work friends & other people she'd become friends with since living in HK.  We moved on to Volume, a club set up by one of her dearest friends from HK & danced the rest of the night away (I was in heels, but not in the ridiculously high ankle boots I'd planned on wearing feet were still bloody sore, but at least I didn't face plant unlike another lady I saw!).

Saturday saw the four of us in dark sunglasses sitting at a bar at the peak ordering Bloody Mary's while waiting for our table outside.  2 Bloody Mary's & a glass of Pinot Gris later I was almost feeling human again!  After lunch we did the 2.5(?) km peak walk & were able to see lots of HK!  I'd been there twice before & hadn't been able to see a thing due to the combination of smog/cloud/rain.  It was so nice to have some fresh air & see the view!

Home again (to our hotel) to get dolled up for an amazing dinner at Felix @ the Peninsular Hotel.  We caught a ferry across the harbor to get there.  I think without a doubt, it was the fanciest restaurant I've ever been to.  The food was amazing & we chose a deal where they matched wine with each course.  I couldn't drink the 5th glass (too sweet) nor eat most of my desert (5th course) which was then followed by coffee & Petit Fours.  

We waddled home & sleep like the dead, awaking ready for our last adventure.  K had arranged a "junk" for the day, which essentially is a day out on a boat.  Read here for an explanation & picture.  Due to the inclement weather forecast however, we didn't actually go out on the boat, instead arranged for all the finger food, drinks & people to come to her hotel room for a bit of a soiree!  Much merriment was had by all & after stealing her at the end of the night for one last drink on the town with two of her closest girlfriends over there (under duress, so she says!) we had her home by 12.10 (only 10 minutes, a bottle of champers & a couple of tequila slammers, late).

We headed off to the airport bright (I was still bonkers I recon) & early; K & M for their 9am flight to Manila & PB & I our 10.50am flight home.  The flight was uneventful except PB was snoring a bit so I didn't really sleep.  Watched around 8 episodes of Six Feet Under (season 5?) which I really enjoyed.  Fastest airport exit ever - plane landed at 9.15pm & we were in the cab at 9.40pm; home in bed by 10pm.  Thus ends Bonkers in Honkers!  Now for some pic's.  Half are still on PB's camera, so here are some for now.  Rest to follow later.......

looking out from the fortress

The remains of the church

Wandering down an alley in Macau  search of a cab to take us to Fernando's for lunch

the rest are on PB's camera, in his plumbing truck, so.....laters!


Chris H said...

What an amazingly nice thing to do for your friend, I bet she loved having you over for a visit.

AlleyCat said...

Indeed she did Chris. She's been a great mate & hope will continue to be for many moons to come!