Thursday, May 31, 2012

Radical Face

I heard a tune twice on 3RRR (public radio station) this week & managed to find out who the artist was 2nd time around.  The tune is The Moon Is Down by Radical Face & I have fallen in love with not only that song but the whole album.  Sooooooo good!  Hopefully I've managed to add the You Tube Link.

I'm also loving FiveAM Yogurt.  Coffee Bean is my fave so far!!!!!!!!!  Yum!!!!

I've run twice this week, the mornings have been cold & crisp & perfect for running in my new long sleeve running top.  I've only been doing the 4.5km loop....didn't want to injure myself going too hard too early.  

The MIL is still unable to go home; her evil partner is still entrenched in her home & it would seem he's not planing on vacating any time soon.  Did I tell you he called her one day saying he'd had a fall & couldn't get up & could she come home to help?  She called one of his kids who went around to find him out weeding the garden.  Sigh.  We'll just have to wait until the initial 30 days are up & then see what to do next.  In the interim I've sought legal advice so at least we know where we stand & what needs to be done if we go down that road.  Again, just have to wait at the moment.

It's my sisters 40th birthday party this weekend so am looking forward to that; plus I'm not on phone duty!  Rather novel these days!

Anyhoo.  I'd better get back to work....end of the month & all.  Take care my bloggie friends!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Just had a telephone call from the MIL's (soon to be Ex) boyfriend EK.  Wanted to know where she was & decided he & I needed an Armistice.  Funny how the ONLY time he's ever been interested is now when he's made a colossal F#ck up.  I've copped some very abusive phone calls from him during their time together.  

Told me he's been left at home on his own for the past 5 days with nobody to help him & nothing to eat but banana's.  And that he needed my help.  I know he's got a fully stocked fridge (as well as the freezer & pantry) but of course I couldn't say anything about could I.  Suggested he call his son or his daughter (he has 5 or 6 children).  

He said that he nursed his wife for 27 years when she had cancer & that they were no use then & no use now (nursing her would not be what I'd call it.................neither would his children, none of them spoke to him for 5 years after their mother passed away & it wasn't until he got with MIL, that she managed to change that as she thought it awful they did not speak).

Anyway, I could write a whole lot more (I actually did, then deleted it).  No need to make too public this awful situation.  I just needed to get some of it off my chest.  My hands where shaking when I hung up the phone.  Still feel yuk if you know what I mean & anticipating more of the same.

Banana's.  Next time he calls perhaps I should ask him if he's actually opened the Fridge & looked inside?

Banana's banana's banana's......................................

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Life has been pretty crazy of late.  Work has exploded, which is a good thing, keeping everyone in work & busy, but just a little too busy if you know what I mean.  Better than wondering if enough work is going to come in to keep us all employed though.  I'm pretty on top of my work but Plumbing Boy's work load is out of control.  More BIG quotes than he has time to do & BIG jobs that need a lot of complicated administration & his personal guidance.  

Things have come to a head with Plumbing Boy's Mum & her partner (Evil K) which has resulted in her temporarily moving out of her home after asking him to leave which has been extremely stressful all round.  Even worse is at the moment he doesn't want to leave.  We are hoping his children will assist with this.  At the moment MIL is extremely fragile (as you can imagine having to face this kind of situation at 88 years of age) & we are kind of at the wait & see stage.  He's been in & out of hospital, had a lot of medication changes, but has been irrational & aggressive for longer than we realized, resulting a voluntary 9 night stint in hospital, meaning he was able to be discharged by his own demands on Tuesday, with no real improvement & against his treating psychiatrist's advice. Can't say too much but I guess you can read between the lines.  

Update: MIL just called me & sounds much better.  She said she has mourned him as though he is dead & dead he is to her.  Now the fight to reclaim her home begins proper I guess.

Exercise really has been non existent.  I've been staying back late at work (can't leave when I still have staff in the field) so little or no motivation to do anything in the evenings when I've been finishing at 7pm or later.  My old friend red wine has been a nightly comfort this week, followed by a nice warm bed in the mornings has rendered my with no motivation for my morning run.  

This is about to change (I hope).  I just have to get off my arse & do it really.  I even went & bought a long sleeve running top to keep me warm these winter mornings in which I ran in 3 times last week, it's just this week that has lost all motivation.  Watch this space.  Like always, string days together & you're back on track. This weekend wont be super conducive, as we have the final chapter of Bonkers in Honkers, this time in Melbourne.  Please let there be no more Tequila!

Lastly, a couple of pictures for you.  My furbaby specializes in NEVER taking a decent photo.  Here's one I tried to snap recently.....she was hiding under the coffee table with my shoe.

Me on the weekend.  We went away to the Pyrenees wine region in Victoria with my parents for Mothers Day.  Yes, I'm clutching a bottle of red; pic snapped by Tess.

Tess came too & we spent quite a lot of time practicing our hair do's.  Unfortunately she took all her creative work on her camera instead of mine, so you don't get to see her far more creative work on my hair.  Here's one of the braids I managed on her.

Monday, May 7, 2012

More Bonkers Photos

 Hair of the dog.........

Various views from the peak: you can see how the clouds/smog change the view every minute or two!

Worlds smallest (& most space economic) bathroom in our hotel.  Shower to the left, basin to the right, dunny dead centre.  It was actually pretty funny as the dunny door is glass, so there is no privacy!  I guess it's so you can do your business while admiring the view!  

I really liked the pivoting shaving cabinet above on the left hand side of the bench.  I'm showing the plain mirror side, but if you spin it around it has shelving inside for your toiletries.  Scuse my look of concentration (above & below), tequila slammers the night before does that to me!

We were 2 floors up from our friends & on the Sunday, when the Junk was cancelled & the party moved to K's room, we used our room as the ladies, as their room had the same problem!  We were running up & down the stairs all day as the room keys would only let the elevator stop at the room for that key.  Some people used the elevator up to our room & walk back down the stairs to the soiree.  I took advantage of the sobering upness of the hike up the stairs.  Every bit helps right!!!

And finally the sun came out on the morning of our departure which I snapped through the window of our hotel room.  Pity it hadn't been like this the day before for the junk ride!  Somehow I forgot to take pic's of us all frocked time!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012


One of my best mates K has been living & working abroad for almost 20 years.  She spent almost 9 in the UK, then the rest in Hong Kong.  She's been planning her exit strategy for the past 18 months, having to give 3 months notice at work, trying to time that with the lease on her apartment, achieving her 10 year entitlements at work & other such work related stuff.  When she was out last Christmas, Plumbing boy said to her that we'd come & spend a week with her in Hong Kong as bit of a last hurrah, to meet her friends & to repay a favor.  

She comes home every Christmas using up all her annual leave (I think she only gets 10 days/year - but a lot more public holidays) since being in Hong Kong, but the year we got married, she also flew out for a week for our wedding, as well as surprising me for a weekend for my hens night!!!!!!  This was the favor we wanted to repay!  

The night PB came up with the idea, the phrase "Bonkers in Honkers" was born & K planned her whole final weekend, of multiple parties & gatherings around the phrase.  

Last weekend we went Bonkers in Honkers.  

Extravagant? Hell Yeah!!!  

Lots of Fun???  Bloody Oath!!!  

Bonkers?  Do you even need to ask!!!!!!  

It was unfortunate that the date was so close to our Bali holiday.  We spent Thursday flying there & Monday flying back, but had absolute blast.  Another one of our mates came out as well, arriving earlier the same day; they've both gone on to Boracay for 2 weeks on vacation with another mate joining them there.  I sooooooooo wish I could be on the white beach with them, but you can't have everything you wish for & I'm already feeling somewhat guilty for our opulence as it is!!!

Thursday night we went out for dinner in "Rat Alley" & feasted on all foods Asian.  Friday we caught the ferry over to Macau (got lots of stamps in my passport that day) as it was only an hour away, saw the remain of a famous church & the fort & had lunch @ Fernando's.  Macau was settled by the Portuguese, handed back to China in 1999.  Hong Kong was settled by the Brits & handed back in 1997.  While they are both part of China they really are quite different.

Friday night K had arranged a cocktail party at a venue called Shore.  We drank Champagne & met lots of her work friends & other people she'd become friends with since living in HK.  We moved on to Volume, a club set up by one of her dearest friends from HK & danced the rest of the night away (I was in heels, but not in the ridiculously high ankle boots I'd planned on wearing feet were still bloody sore, but at least I didn't face plant unlike another lady I saw!).

Saturday saw the four of us in dark sunglasses sitting at a bar at the peak ordering Bloody Mary's while waiting for our table outside.  2 Bloody Mary's & a glass of Pinot Gris later I was almost feeling human again!  After lunch we did the 2.5(?) km peak walk & were able to see lots of HK!  I'd been there twice before & hadn't been able to see a thing due to the combination of smog/cloud/rain.  It was so nice to have some fresh air & see the view!

Home again (to our hotel) to get dolled up for an amazing dinner at Felix @ the Peninsular Hotel.  We caught a ferry across the harbor to get there.  I think without a doubt, it was the fanciest restaurant I've ever been to.  The food was amazing & we chose a deal where they matched wine with each course.  I couldn't drink the 5th glass (too sweet) nor eat most of my desert (5th course) which was then followed by coffee & Petit Fours.  

We waddled home & sleep like the dead, awaking ready for our last adventure.  K had arranged a "junk" for the day, which essentially is a day out on a boat.  Read here for an explanation & picture.  Due to the inclement weather forecast however, we didn't actually go out on the boat, instead arranged for all the finger food, drinks & people to come to her hotel room for a bit of a soiree!  Much merriment was had by all & after stealing her at the end of the night for one last drink on the town with two of her closest girlfriends over there (under duress, so she says!) we had her home by 12.10 (only 10 minutes, a bottle of champers & a couple of tequila slammers, late).

We headed off to the airport bright (I was still bonkers I recon) & early; K & M for their 9am flight to Manila & PB & I our 10.50am flight home.  The flight was uneventful except PB was snoring a bit so I didn't really sleep.  Watched around 8 episodes of Six Feet Under (season 5?) which I really enjoyed.  Fastest airport exit ever - plane landed at 9.15pm & we were in the cab at 9.40pm; home in bed by 10pm.  Thus ends Bonkers in Honkers!  Now for some pic's.  Half are still on PB's camera, so here are some for now.  Rest to follow later.......

looking out from the fortress

The remains of the church

Wandering down an alley in Macau  search of a cab to take us to Fernando's for lunch

the rest are on PB's camera, in his plumbing truck, so.....laters!