Friday, April 13, 2012

Travelling to Ubud

 We left Sanur & headed for Ubud on day 7 of our trip.  The lovely Wayan was our driver - he'd picked up my sis for their white water rafting expedition & they developed a bit of a bond with him so we ended up hiring him for the day.  

I've forgotten the order, but all male sons are named by their birth order.  I can't remember if Wayan is number 1 or number 2 son, but there are specific names for sons 1 - 5.  I'm pretty sure Wayan was junior, so he is either son 6 or 7!  We met a lot of Wayans on the trip.....

We turned the day into a sight seeing tour, stopping first at a coffee place where these cute little guys (pick &) eat the coffee beans, then poop them out. 

They are then collected, washed, dried, peeled & roasted (or roasted then peeled.....I've forgotten!)

Here is Wayan with the lady from the coffee place, where we sampled 7 different coffees before trying the Lewat pooped coffee.  I think I prefer my Lavazza, but each to their own.  Next stop was the volcano & lake where we stopped for lunch.  This was our lunch view where we sat on an open balcony overlooking the volcano.

We then ventured down to the lake where we tried out the local hot springs.  There were a few places where you could bathe.  We checked out one "fancy" place first, but it was just a big painted swimming pool (but in a nice garden) without a view of the lake or mountains.  We ended up at cheaper place with rather dodgy change rooms, but the view was far far better.


I think I have 100 underwater shots.  That's what happens when your 12 year old niece realizes your camera is waterproof.  

Last stop for the day was Ubud.  We found our accommodation & walked along a decorative "secret" pathway....


Home sweet home.  

Time for a swim, a bit of a chill followed by more NOODLES & Sambal (Chili Sauce)!  Actually, the food here was the best of the trip.  The resort was small, 14 rooms in total, mainly traditional huts & they grew most of their produce in their veggie garden.  The also had goats, chickens & ducks.  I'm hopping the bunnies weren't on the menu....

Plumbing boy & I loved the accommodation here.  More our style.  My sisters room was a bit mixed up though.  They were supposed to have a double bed with 2 single beds in "the other room" however ended up with 1 room with a double bed, & the single bed was behind a small timber divider in the same room.  As the resort was booked out, they couldn't remedy the problem (totally the resorts fault - as I had to prove by showing them their own website & the emails sent between us on booking as the manage was off sick!) but were able negotiated a discount for them.   My sis's partner decided as it was only 2 nights they'd live with it.  He also wanted air-con & TV, which my sis & I deliberately booked with out.........!  Time to get back to nature :0)


Ute said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwww.... crapped out coffee beans?! Wtf?!
I'll take my Gloria Jeans beans any day!

Love the photos! What a great holiday. :o)

AlleyCat said...

LOL - yes, crapped out beans was pretty funny!

Amanda said...

They sell the 'cat poo' coffee at a cafe near home for..... wait for it.....

$50 A CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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