Tuesday, March 20, 2012


  • I'm attempting to wear in a new pair of thongs (slippers/flip flops - not underwear!) today.  I think I may have left it a little too late.  I haven't worn a pair of thongs since I was 8 years old.  Trying to decide whether to take them with me or not.
  • According to my sister we can take 30kgs of luggage, although she & her man have a combined total of 15kgs.  WTF?  I spose my luggage would be that light if I didn't take my scuba gear with me!
  • I have the Hunger Games packed & ready to go (thanks for the recommendation Amanda!).  I've been meaning to read them for a while, but the movie trailers have hurried me up!  Tess is almost finished book 2 & will be taking book 3 with her. 
  • I'm relatively calm & don't think I'll be up half the night finishing off work stuff.  I'm kind of at the end of the line for work stuff & if other people leave their shite till the last minute, then it makes my job harder.  Can't back up til everything is done.
  • We will be taking some work with us.  Friday is New Years Day in Bali, & apparently everyone has to stay in doors to trick the evil spirits into thinking we've all gone AWOL.  EVERYTHING is supposedly closed that day, so no room service either - we'll need to check with the hotel what is available to us.  We'll probably do a bit of paper work that day & watch movies.  I hope we're allowed to use the pool & hotel facilities!
  • I think I put on 2kgs in the past week rather than losing them.  Sigh.  We had lunch & dinner out Saturday & dinner out Sunday & the only exercise I've done since Friday morning is an Attack class on Saturday morning.  Someone has been snoring & keeping me awake at night & I just haven't been able to get out of bed.  
  • Actually, that's not quite true.  Sunday morning I was woken at 10.15am by a someone sitting on my chest.    So patient!  Normally she'd have meowed her head off around 5am.  I guess I was so tired I didn't hear her so she tried her other tactic.  Sit on my chest, breath on my face & stare intently at me until I awake.  Super cute!!!
  • K.  I better get back to work so I don't have to be here late tonight.
  • Take care of yourselves while I'm gone!!!!


Anonymous said...

pfft, your going to bali, brown socks and Birkenstock's would be the appropriate foot wear.

you dont want to get a blister wearing thongs....

AlleyCat said...

LOL I don't own any Birks. I'm taking a pair of merrel slides (no socks thank you very much!) & my runners......will that do?

No, definitely do not want blisters from thongs...........

AlleyCat said...

I don't think I own brown socks either :0)

Ute said...

Ah, must've slipped my mind...now I know what you were talking about on Farcebook this morning!

Have fun lovely, and please, be careful over there.


Chris H said...

I hope you have a lovey time!
New Years Day? That's weird.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Uteski!!! Sorry if I was being obscure!!! Burglurisation paranoia!!!!

Thanks Chris! Yes, a bit late for new years, Chinese well & truly done with. Hopefully we'll be able to laze by the pool :0)

Memphis Steve said...

You have been so much better about keeping your workouts going than I have. I am only just now getting back into it at a brand new gym and I am only just barely motivated. This gym is so much less than the one I had to leave behind.

I hope you have a great trip. I envy you traveling so much and to such cool places and then coming home to a cool country like Australia!

Tully said...

How was the holiday missy? :)

AlleyCat said...

Done! Just for you Missy!!! :0) xo