Tuesday, March 20, 2012


  • I'm attempting to wear in a new pair of thongs (slippers/flip flops - not underwear!) today.  I think I may have left it a little too late.  I haven't worn a pair of thongs since I was 8 years old.  Trying to decide whether to take them with me or not.
  • According to my sister we can take 30kgs of luggage, although she & her man have a combined total of 15kgs.  WTF?  I spose my luggage would be that light if I didn't take my scuba gear with me!
  • I have the Hunger Games packed & ready to go (thanks for the recommendation Amanda!).  I've been meaning to read them for a while, but the movie trailers have hurried me up!  Tess is almost finished book 2 & will be taking book 3 with her. 
  • I'm relatively calm & don't think I'll be up half the night finishing off work stuff.  I'm kind of at the end of the line for work stuff & if other people leave their shite till the last minute, then it makes my job harder.  Can't back up til everything is done.
  • We will be taking some work with us.  Friday is New Years Day in Bali, & apparently everyone has to stay in doors to trick the evil spirits into thinking we've all gone AWOL.  EVERYTHING is supposedly closed that day, so no room service either - we'll need to check with the hotel what is available to us.  We'll probably do a bit of paper work that day & watch movies.  I hope we're allowed to use the pool & hotel facilities!
  • I think I put on 2kgs in the past week rather than losing them.  Sigh.  We had lunch & dinner out Saturday & dinner out Sunday & the only exercise I've done since Friday morning is an Attack class on Saturday morning.  Someone has been snoring & keeping me awake at night & I just haven't been able to get out of bed.  
  • Actually, that's not quite true.  Sunday morning I was woken at 10.15am by a someone sitting on my chest.    So patient!  Normally she'd have meowed her head off around 5am.  I guess I was so tired I didn't hear her so she tried her other tactic.  Sit on my chest, breath on my face & stare intently at me until I awake.  Super cute!!!
  • K.  I better get back to work so I don't have to be here late tonight.
  • Take care of yourselves while I'm gone!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Life is crazy at the moment!  We're heading off on holidays soon & I've been under the pump preparing work stuff for that.  We've had one staff member leave; a new one was to start when we get back, but was finished up the same day he gave notice so is keen to start before we go, probably tomorrow, so I'll lose at least half a day there.

I can't really complain about much in my life at the moment other than  never seeming to have enough time for the things I'd like to do V the things I have to do.  Hmmmm.  Does that mean I'm a fully fledged adult now???  Considering my mate & I watched the sun come up Monday morning while knocking back Jagger bombs, hardly likely.  Not very smart I know.  I'm gonna call it blowing off steam in a very juvenile manor.  Nuff said.

I'm still running & almost puked this morning.  I gave plumbing boy a 5 minute head start (he got up earlier than me) & decided I might be able to catch him!  Wishful thinking!  He was still 1km ahead of me although I managed a personal best at that distance knocking almost 1 minute off 5.5km distance.  In Feb I ran a total of 98kms over 16 runs, averaging 6.12 kms per run, & 24.5kms per week.(January I ran 101.2kms, December 89kms) so am happy overall with that!

I've been back to the gym & done a few body attack classes (with out injury or death!) which I was pretty stoked about.  I've also attempted a Shabam class, which was a hoot & much easier choreography wise for me than Zumba.  

I've been seeing a Naturopath for RSI in my right forearm/elbow who been using a product called Traumeel on me & I'm definitely improving.  She also uses Bowen Therapy. I've never been a big fan of Bowen, having had it before with virtually no impact/result.  I do believe however that some people are exceptional at what they do & I'm hoping that my Naturopath is one of these blessed or should I say skilled people!  

She agrees with the Physio I was seeing (who basically gave up) that it does stem from my neck; she's also keen for me to try some voice activated software to reduce the amount of typing I do.  I'm still researching it.  

Anyhoo.  I need to get back to work so I'll catch you all later!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Professional Pics

I was able to purchase the rights to our professional wedding photos recently (I got a special discounted price as they're now considered historical!) & thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you.

But before you take a look, please spare a thought for my dear friend Ute whose brother passed away unexpectedly this week.  I'm not linking, as grief is a private thing, but if you could hold her close to your heart I'd really appreciate it.