Friday, February 10, 2012

Operation BW - final revision

Last year I embarked upon operation babewatch - yeah, lame I know!  I was hampered by injury & revised goals back in November as follows:

Phase 3: weeks 17 - 21
21st November - 25th December
Starting Back after Injury:

Objective: increase distance from 1km running at a time to 5kms on treadmill over 5 weeks incorporating outdoor running slowly. 

I think I only did a week on the treadmill  & ended up doing the rest all outdoors using a combination of walk a block run a block, increasing the running til 5/12 where I started running 4.5kms straight.  Did this til 17/12, running 5 mornings per week.  Recorded everything properly from 29/11.

Xmas Party Babeness
Objective: maintain fitness & weight
Exercise: Run twice per week; weights once per week, step once per week
Other: look into swimming lessons for summer

I was physio diagnosed with RSI or as he told me it is now called, chronic over use syndrome, in my right elbow/forearm.  No weights.  My gym doesn't run step classes & in the end I couldn't manage to get my shit together to find a step class that suited me so continued to run upping the distance to 5.5kms 5 times per week.  Haven't done anything about the swimming lessons yet - I wanted to run my 10km first. 

Phase 4: Weeks 22 - 30
26th December - 26th February 2012

Summer Babeness
Objective: improve fitness, looking towards diving fitness; maintain weight
Exercise: swimming
Run 10kms 2 x times per week
Pump Or Weights 2 x times per week

Am currently in this phase.  In December I ran a total of 89 kms & walked/ran 28 kms.  January I ran 101.20 kms & walked 31.5 kms.  My longest run to date was 8.2 kms 18/1.  I've been alternating between the 5.5 & 6.5km loops since the beginning of Feb 4 - 5 times per week.  

Since starting the challenge I've dropped 3kgs & have been sitting between 62 & 63 kgs for the past month.  I've had a few social events over the past 3 weeks so haven't been as good with my nutrition, but that's OK.  Bali is is 5.5 weeks away so I'll plod along until then & set some new goals when I get back.  If I can drop another Kg or two that would be nice, but I won't be too upset if I don't.  We're going with my sister who's a bit of a stick figure so that is a motivating factor.  

Despite having felt quite good about my body recently, on Saturday night I went to a 21st birthday & was surround by stick figures & felt like a bit of an elephant!  Totally ridiculous I know.  But its funny how your mind can turn the tables on you, leaving you feeling self conscious & not so proud of all the hard work you've been doing.   I'm past it now & ran a 6.5km PB on Tuesday of 41.45 minutes!  Fresh legs - having had 2 days off in a row - made a huge difference & I was playing a faster play list on my pod.  Whoop Whoop!!!!

I'm hoping to run the 10km before we go away, but couldn't work it in with a proper race, so will do a virtual one; then a proper one when we get back.  Will post my running goals for the year on Monday.

Phase 5: Weeks 31 - 33
27th February - 18th March

Beach Bali Babeness
Objective: Primp, buff & polish.
Exercise: where ever possible; maintain weight

Am starting to get a bit excited about Bali.  I don't think we'll be doing much scuba diving though.  The area where we are staying has crap diving & to get to the good sites is either a 3 hr minivan ride (each way) OR 50 minute speed boat (each way).  Plus we are travelling with non divers, so not even sure whether to take our gear as i'd imagine we'll only have one day to dive.  I guess we'll decided a bit closer to the trip.

That's the wrap up for now!

PS forgot to mention Plumbing Boy has decided to take up running also & has made it around the 5.5km loop non stop twice a week for the past two.  He also bought me my very own gortex rain jacket so I don't have to share the smelly boy one!

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