Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Letters From Grandpa, other notes

Grandpa didn't write any more letters after this & Dad is looking for A.M's letters which were hopefully amongst the papers my aunt kept after he died.  We hope to find them to complete the story!

Grandma died when I was 16, in 1987; grandpa died 9 years & 1 day later, while A.M. was on exchange with us.  She & Grandpa had quite a bond as you can see from his letters.  I don’t think he wrote to any of our other exchange students.  

Grandma & Grandpa moved off the farm prior to 1983 (I can’t quite remember how much before, but while I was in primary school) & moved into the town where I went to high school approximately 20kms from the farm.  Prior to that, they lived on the farm in a house around the corner.  

Our farm was L shaped, the main house where we lived had its driveway on one road & the other house had its driveway on another road, but of course you could walk, motorbike or horse ride across the paddocks between the two.  

Originally it was a soldier settlement & they were two small farms - not sure which one he bought first, Kyle probably & Wandumi, when Dad came on board.  He name both (Kyle & Wandumi) after places he fought in in PNG & felt the landscape in PNG the most beautiful he’d ever seen.  He also spoke fondly of the Fuzzy Wuzzies, when he finally started to speak a little of the war in his later years.  

Grandpa built the house I grew up in; I think he wanted to be a carpenter, but when he returned from the war & proposed to my grandmother, she said she’d only marry him if they farmed (dairy cows) as that was all she knew in life.  

I am such a bad blogger, I forget to label my posts so I am probably repeating myself, so SORRY.  I don’t think I’ve blogged much about this Grandma before, but she was the first person I ever remember treating me as a person, rather than a kid.  She would actually listen to what I had to say, think about it & then respond; just like she did with (most of) the adults.  

I loved her dearly & felt she was the only person who “got” me, besides my friends, which was a huge thing to me as an angsty teen.  I still think of both of them regularly & wonder where they are & if they can see me & if they are happy; I hope they’re somewhere warm with an eternal sunset, no flies or mozzies & lots of mangos.  RIP guys.  


Ute said...

Aww, lovely stories, Cat.

Great to have this history of your family and to pass it on.

Am sure your Grandparents are very proud of you. And they are happy wherever they are. xox

AlleyCat said...

Thank you Ute & Again! xoxo

Chris H said...

What a lovely post.. it's always so nice to remember our Grandparents with so much joy.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chris!!!!! :0)