Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter 3

Dear A.M.

Hi, how is life with you?  Sorry I am so ling in answering your nice Xmas card.  I sent you a packet for Xmas in 1992 and it was returned to me with a note "person not known at this address".  So I see you have changed your place of abode.  This year has not been a good year for the garden, too dry early then too wet in the summer.  We only had 10 days of sunshine.  You cannot eat tulips or lillies.  Plant some beans, tomato’s & carrots.  Yes, I am still in Terang.  I have been busy renovating some old furniture.  I made a cedar sideboard for (my sis), an auto tray for (Dad’s sis, which I have here in the office) I am now doing two old chairs for (2 of my girl cousins) for their bedrooms.  On Saturday night 16/4/94 we are having a party in Warrnambool for (my M&D’s) 25th wedding anniversary.  (My sis & husband) have shifted next to Wandumi & (sis's husband) is working for (my Dad).  They were milking 175 cows, (Dad) bought the place next door 200 hectares, they hope to milk 220 cows next year.  (my Mum) called in last night, I was able to give her tomato’s, zucchini, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, onions, lettuce, capsicums, cucumber and butternut pumpkin.  It is cold & wet today and I am inside making green tomato pickles & tomato relish.  I have just made a big pot of veggie soup.  I just had a ring from (my Dad) wanting to know if I had your phone number.  I had a phone number but I think it was your old number.  He said it was your birthday.  Many Happy Returns, Good Health & Happy Years to come.

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