Friday, February 17, 2012

Letter 2

Dear A.M.

So sorry I am late in answering your last years Xmas letter.  But I have had a very bad year.  First of all I went out to Wandumi (my Dad’s farm, previously Grandpa’s farm) to help (my Dad) who had to put in another milk vat, as he was to milk more cows this year.  We had to fill in the front of the milk room with a brick wall and line the ceiling with cement sheets.

We had nearly finished when I fell & broke my left leg & hurt my right shoulder.  (My Mum) put a split on it & drove me to into Terang for Xrays.  Then she had to drive me to Warrnambool for more Xrays to confirm that it was broken.  The doctor put a full length plaster on it (my leg).  They sent me back to Terang & I spent 10 days there in hospital.

Then I spent three weeks out at Wandumi with (my M&D).  (My Mum) had to put a garbage bag over the plaster on my leg & put tape around the top to stop the water from getting on the plaster while I had a shower sitting on a shower chair.  

After I had the plaster removed from my leg I went to Queensland.  A friend of mine, who used to live in Ellerslie (5kms from Wandumi) had made arrangements to go to his granddaughters wedding at a small place called Molambah, it is a coal town.  Molambah is 200kms from Mckay.  The whole area around the district is all open cut black coal.

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I flew from Melbourne to Brisbane, my friend met me at the airport & drove by car to his place at Caloundra 100kms from Brisbane.  Caloundra is a seaside resort on the sunshine coast of Queensland.

The next day my friend & his wife & I drove from Caloundra to Molambah 1100kms stopping one night in a motel on the way.

After arriving at Molambah my leg stated to ache so to the Dr I went, he said you have blood clots that cannot be treated here.  

So I was sent to Mckay hospital 200kms away for treatment.  I spent 10 days there with a drip in my arm.
After a month as a day patient I was sent home.  I am now back at Terang (at home).  I have to have a blood test every 3 weeks to make sure my blood does not clot.  I am on 10mg of Warfarin a day.

(Dad’s sisters family) are shearing at the moment. 33,000 sheep this year.  Wool is not selling very good just now, the wool board is buying most of it and stock piling it until the price goes up, they have over 4,000,000 bales stored.  Xmas is nearly hear again, the sun is starting to get hotter here & the garden is starting to look much better & your sun is getting colder.  Must close now, wishing you, your family & your friends a mery Xmas and all the best for 1991.  Blue

Grandpa also sent this little map of to show A.M. his travels....


Ute said...

Wow, that would've been pretty scary going through the blood clot thing.
Blood clotting is something I am pretty fearful of, seeing as though I carry the FVL gene, as does most of the family....

AlleyCat said...

Yeah, he had a rough trot (as he would have said) that year. I just had to Google FVL - didn't know what it was. Scary!!! Do you have to take aspirin or blood thinners??

Ute said...

I take aspirin daily. I only have the one gene, unlike my brother, who has the 2. He takes a blood thinnner.

It was pretty scary when I was first diagnosed, but now I don't really think of it. Just got to be careful and flying can be a issue.

AlleyCat said...

Yikes! that bloody sucks :0(