Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's a camping we will go.............Plumbing Boy & I celebrated Australia Day by going walkabout approximately 1 hour from home to Wombat State Forrest for a spot of camping.  Well, he celebrated more than I did!  I dropped him off Thursday & came back home as I had to work Friday.  I did help him set up the kitchen first. We bought this little bewdy from ebay a few weeks ago & it's bloody awesome!  PB has hooked up a pump action water bottle so when I turn the sink tap on, I have water!

He hooked up his shower - he informs me that dirt bike riding is sweaty work, especially in 27 - 33 degree heat.  One of the best pieces of camping equipment we bought - drop the battery operated pump in the collapsible bucket & water comes out the shower rose!

 Like his improvised soap dish holder?  

 I returned Friday night after work, PB lit the fire, while I got comfy.

 We cooked up a bit of a BBQ, enjoyed some NZ cider & kicked back under the stars until our peepers wouldn't stay open any more.

I wandered some bush trails & 4WD tracks while PB went for a ride on Saturday morning.  We spent Saturday arvo reading our books with our camping chairs parked in what water was left in the creek to cool our tootsies!  I'm currently reading Paul Kelly's "How to Make Gravy" - which is a memoir of 100 of his songs performed in alphabetical order over a 4 night series of shows, mingled with story telling along the way.  It is brilliant!!!!  He is such an amazing writer & really brings Australian history & culture alive.

I think I forgot to tell you I recently read Kasey Chambers biography "A Little Bird Told Me" which I enjoyed immensely & may or may not have teared up in the first page (& almost every chapter there after!)  I realized I didn't have a couple of her albums, so downloaded them straight away & have been torturing everyone in the office with Kasey on repeat for the past couple of weeks!

Back to camping - here is where I walked on Saturday - there were some mighty steep hills - the photos' don't really do them justice - it took my legs almost a week to recover!  Running on flat ground is pretty easy in comparison!

I'm glad I didn't encounter this critter (above) when I went on this walk (below).  I suspect his colorful spiny bits may not be as friendly as they look!!!

 Sunday PB had arranged for a mate to come for a half day ride, so I went hiking again, this time on a walking trail to St Erth, a diggers club with a fabulous garden.  The trail was approximately 9kms & took me 1hr 40 mins.  Most of the trail was pretty clear except about a 15 minutes section along the creek which was overgrown with prickle bushes & thistles which I cursed.  a lot!  I finally saw a Kangaroo & a Wallaby.  PB had seen heaps out riding.  He also had the pleasure of meeting & watching an Echidna try to burrow away from him in fright, then relax & waddle off into the bush.  Lucky bugger.  

I didn't see a single solitary snake which surprised me; I did encounter lots of spider webs across the track & as I was first through for the day, managed to walk through lots of them.  I'd imagine I looked pretty funny at some points swatting them off my arms, legs & face like a crazy woman - I was worse than swatting flies at times!  I didn't actually see any of my 8 legged friends either!  I did see a shite load of butterflies though.  At one point I think I counted 50!  It was like being in the butterfly enclosure at the zoo, but only a couple of varieties of butterfly.

After wandering around St Erth for an hour, I hiked back to camp on the road as it was a shorter route (5kms) to meet the boys for lunch, then pack up camp & head back to the big smoke.  It was a great spot & so close to home!  We realized we'd not been camping in around 3 years, pretty much since some bastard stole our Rodeo Ute!  We had to take the old work Ute - no air-con, no power steering, grotty as buggery, but for a 1hr trip it wasn't so bad (asides the seat belt strangling me & the hole in the seat when I had to drive)!

I think we'll be doing this again real soon!

BTW I'm typing this in Chrome.  Dunno if it will affect you guys out there, but much easier to upload photos & blog.  I'm almost converted!


Ute said...

I'm a recent convert to Chrome, too. I use it for quite a bit, but still use Firefox for most of my stuff.

The Kasey Chambers book was awesome. loved it.

Looks like a great Australia Day to me. :o)

Epic Fail said...

That looks like a ton of fun! I want to come camping with you next time. I'm in Chrome as I type this, but I hadn't noticed a difference. Maybe I need to check for updates of Chrome? I might have an old version.

AlleyCat said...

Uteski - I've been using IE; just getting the hang of chrome now! Yep. Love Kasey too!!!!!

Epic - you can come camping anytime mate! I wasn't sure if the end result would look any different from posting in Chrome rather than IE, but chrome has more features & far far better to upload photos!